Son’s Hidden Camera Catches Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home aides convicted of elder abuse from hidden camera footage

Unexplained Nursing Home Injuries Warranted Further Investigation by Cleveland Family

When Esther ‘Mitzi’ Piskor developed Alzheimer’s Disease, her family could not care for her needs at home. Like many other families, the Piskor’s were faced with a tough decision. Upon advice from their family doctor, the Piskor’s placed Mitzi in a nursing home. The family ultimately selected the Prentiss Skilled Nursing Care Unit at MetroHealth in Cleveland.

When Steve Piskor, Mitzi’s son, noticed unexplained bruising on his Mom, he grew suspicious. Nursing home abuse can take many forms, including bedsores, falls, physical abuse and neglect. Steve could not be at the facility around the clock, so he opted for another way to supervise his Mom while he was not physically present.

The Nursing Home Hidden Camera

Mr. Piskor elected to use a hidden camera in his Mom’s nursing home room, in order to keep an eye on staff. He informed the staff he was placing a camera in his Mom’s room, ‘and even posted a sign informing staff that they were being recorded.’

When he reviewed the hidden camera footage, he was shocked.

“My mother didn’t have the opportunity to say ‘stop the abuse’. We actually didn’t know how long it was going on, I only caught a portion, a small portion of the abuse.”– Steve Piskor

Hidden camera video captured nursing home aide Virgen Caraballo forcefully throwing Piskor from wheelchair to bed, shaking and yelling at the 88 year old, as well as pushing Piskor’s face into the bed while bathing the resident. The hidden camera also captured abuse and neglect at the hands of aide Maria Karban.

The Subsequent Arrest and Sentencing of Rogue Nursing Home Aides

Virgen Caraballo

10 Years in Prison for Nursing Home Aide Guilty of Nursing Home AbuseAs a result of the elder abuse caught on the nursing home hidden camera, Virgen Caraballo, was sentenced to ten years in prison. Nursing home aide Caraballo’s mugshot is shown to the left.

She has had all nursing licenses revoked and will never be able to work in long term care once she is released from prison.

Maria Karban

GUILTY: Aide held responsible for abuse of elderly resident26 year old Maria Karban was also found guilty in a criminal court of law. Karban received a lighter 6 month jail sentence for her participation in the elder abuse of Mrs. Piskor.

She too lost her license for the abuse of the vulnerable Mrs. Piskor.

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