Mold Concern Grows at Parkside Assisted Living Facility in Charlotte County

Black Mold found at Parkside Assisted Living Facility

Black Mold Found at Parkside Assisted Living Facility in Charlotte County, Florida

When we put our loved ones in an assisted living facility, making the sure the facility has adequate living conditions should not be on our minds. Unfortunately, some of these facilities are so unclean that they present health hazards to residents.

Although their professionally designed websites, perfectly manicured landscaping, and friendly greeters make it seem like a great place for your loved one to reside, often times the exact opposite is true. Sometimes, residents of assisted living and skilled nursing facilities acquire severe injuries due to facility negligence and unsanitary living conditions.

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Parkside ALF Mold Problems

Recently, Parkside Assisted Living Facility in Charlotte County Florida, was reported for having black mold in a residential unit.  This unsafe and disgusting problem went unaddressed for weeks putting the seniors inside this facility at risk.  This problem, compounded with the dangers of Covid-19, make this an extremely dangerous environment for the older residents inside this facility.

According to the CDC, exposure to molds can lead to symptoms such as stuffy nose, wheezing, and red or itchy eyes, or skin. Some people, such as those with allergies to molds or with asthma, may have more intense reactions.

Harry Levitsky’s wife of 60 years, Ettie, is a resident at Parkside Assisted Living facility.  Harry explained to Wink News that he has not been able to see his wife since the Coronavirus pandemic started back in March due to restrictions of visitors.  This 6-month time period has been the longest they have gone without seeing each other face to face in their 60 years of marriage.  Unfortunately, Ettie suffers from dementia, so keeping in contact with her loved ones is extremely important to her health and spirit.

Black Mold Death at Assisted Living Facility in Port CharlotteHaley W. is a former employee at Parkside Assisted Living Facility, and she says, “When families stopped coming in [because of Covid], it all went downhill.”

Haley said that her and other care associates noticed some of the mold starting in Ettie’s closet, and after saying something to management, nothing was done for a month-and-a-half.

Parkside later confirmed that there was mold in the facility two months after is was first reported.

No Violations Does Not Equal No Problems

Fortunately for the facility, the Agency for Healthcare Administration did not find any violations during their visit to the facility in March 2019. However, they did find 10 violations/deficiencies in their August 2019 visit.

When ACHA does not find any violations, this does not mean families shouldn’t be concerned about the living conditions inside the facility.  Parkside was not cited recently by ACHA, but former employees of Parkside, and facilities across the country, are speaking up about living conditions inside these facilities during the pandemic.  These honest former employees are the only eyes and ears families can rely on for transparency inside the facility at this time. Oftentimes these whistle blowers are rewarded for their honesty about the facility and the malpractice occurring within the corporation.  Hopefully, after this former caretaker speaks out about the black mold problem, Parkside Assisted Living corrects the issue and continues to provide a safe environment for all of their residents.

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