Pennsylvania Jury Returns 6 Figure Verdict Against Nursing Home for Fall out of Bed

Fall out of bed lawsuit filed against Bucks County nursing home

Eastern Pennsylvania Plaintiff’s Verdict in Nursing Home Liability Lawsuit

A Bucks County, Pennsylvania has issued a Plaintiff’s verdict against Statesman Health and Rehabilitation after an elderly resident fell out of bed and broke her hip. The Levittown, PA nursing home defended the case and denied all allegations.

Our Philadelphia nursing home abuse attorney explains the case facts and procedure of lawsuit.

Case Facts Leading to the Plaintiff’s Jury Verdict on a Nursing Home Fall From Bed Lawsuit vs. Statesman Health & Rehab

While having her bed sheets changed by Statesman Rehab staff, the elderly nursing home victim (Brenda Dixon) fell off the bed. As a result of her fall from the nursing home bed, Ms. Dixon suffered a broken hip. The Estate alleged this hip fracture caused Ms. Dixon to suffer a deterioration in health ultimately resulting in the wrongful death of the relatively young 63-year old nursing home resident.

The nursing home defense team denied all allegations of neglect, and refuted the causal relation of Ms. Dixon’s decline to her fall from bed.

The case ultimately resolved in favor of the Plaintiff for $146,797 on March 17, 2013. The style of the case was ESTATE OF BRENDA DIXON BY DARRYL DIXON vs. NORTHERN HEALTH FACILITIES INCORPORATED D/B/A STATESMAN HEALTH AND REHABILITATION.

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Understanding the Jurisdiction of the Nursing Home Fall Lawsuit

Similar to the golden rule of real estate, location matters in a lawsuit. Sometimes, the venue of a case is almost as important as the case facts themselves.

This matter was before Judge Baldi in the Seventh Judicial District in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Traditionally, Bucks County is more conservative than some of the more liberal venues in the state like Philadelphia or Allegheny County. Because of this, it is that much harder to win a nursing home negligence lawsuit in Bucks County.

More Questions on a Nursing Home Fall From Bed Case?

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