New York’s Most Favorable Venues for Plaintiff’s in a Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuit

Biggest Nursing Home Abuse Verdicts by County in New York

New York is a diverse state which offers aggrieved plaintiff’s 62 counties to file their nursing home abuse lawsuit. However, as the recent 2020 US Law map details above, not all of New York’s counties are favorable to Plaintiff’s. In fact, despite being a blue state, most of New York’s 62 counties are more favorable to nursing homes versus injured residents. If you have a jurisdictional selection in your New York nursing home negligence case, it is preferable to file the case in one of New York’s more plaintiff-oriented counties.

Best Counties in New York to Litigate a Nursing Home Negligence Case for Plaintiff

Unsurprisingly, two of New York’s best counties for nursing home abuse litigation are in the NYC metro area. Kings County, also known as Brooklyn, and the Bronx, rank as the best and second best county for plaintiff’s in nursing home lawsuits. Manhattan, Queens and Nassau only rank as ‘moderate’ due to inconsistent plaintiff jury verdicts over the past two years.

Outside of New York City, there are some moderate venues in the Capital Region near Albany. However, none of these counties issued consistently large enough verdicts to make the classification as a liberal venue.

In the Western portion of New York, Buffalo and Rochester produce large plaintiff verdicts and are considered favorable to litigants who suffered injury or wrongful death due to negligence.

New York’s Worst Venues for Nursing Home Abuse Plaintiffs

Most of rural New York is not favorable to nursing home abuse plaintiffs. The eastern part of Long Island, as well as the counties bordering Pennsylvania, are all considered ‘conservative’ in the scope of civil litigation.

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