Sarasota Nursing Home CNA Accused of Sexual Assault of Vulnerable Elderly Residents

Marco Romero accused of raping residents in Sarasota long term care facilities

Investigation Uncovers Allegations of CNA Molestation in Multiple Assisted-Living Facilities in Sarasota; Authorities Seek Additional Victims

In a deeply disturbing incident, a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in Sarasota is facing severe accusations of molesting vulnerable residents in various assisted-living facilities. Authorities have initiated an investigation to uncover the full extent of the alleged misconduct, urging potential victims to come forward.

Marco Avila Romero appears to have worked at Manorcare of Sarasota, Sarasota Point Rehabilitation Center, Tarpon Point Nursing Rehabilitation Center, Magnolia Health and Rehabilitation Center  and Amira Choice Senior Living Facility over his career as a CNA in Sarasota’s long term care facilities. Mr. Romero is accused of sexually assaulting numerous vulnerable residents of these long term care facilities.

The shocking revelations came to light when concerned individuals reported suspicious activities involving the Sarasota, Florida CNA in question. Upon receiving these reports, law enforcement promptly launched an inquiry to address the serious allegations and bring justice to those affected.

Given the nature of the alleged crimes, the authorities are being meticulous in their investigation to ensure a comprehensive examination of the incidents and gather any evidence that might aid in the prosecution.

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If your loved one resided at one the above Sarasota long term care facilities, and you suspect your loved one was sexually assaulted by Avila Romero, contact Sarasota Police Department Detective Cox at 941-263-6075. You can also contact the nursing home sexual abuse attorneys at Senior Justice Law Firm for free legal advice at 941-876-5800. We can advise you on your next steps, how to investigate a potential sexual abuse incident at a Sarasota facility, and available avenues of justice for you and your family. Call or live chat with our elder abuse law office now to learn more about your rights under Florida law.

More Details on the Alleged Sexual Assault Case Against CNA Marco Avila Romero

The Sarasota Police Department has initiated an investigation into a certified nurse’s assistant (CNA) accused of molestation at multiple assisted living facilities. Marco Tulio Avila Romero, 52, residing in Sarasota, is at the center of the ongoing inquiry, facing serious charges of lewd and lascivious molestation of elderly and disabled individuals.

The investigation began on June 30, following reports that raised concerns about Avila Romero’s alleged inappropriate conduct towards vulnerable patients under his care. Authorities are taking these allegations seriously, aiming to thoroughly examine the extent of the purported misconduct.

As the case unfolds, law enforcement is calling upon potential victims or witnesses to step forward and share any information relevant to the investigation. Ensuring the safety and protection of elderly and disabled residents in assisted living facilities is of utmost importance, and the authorities are dedicated to bringing any wrongdoers to justice.

The community is anxiously awaiting updates from the Sarasota Police Department as they work diligently to uncover the truth and hold those responsible accountable for their actions. Restoring trust in the care provided by healthcare professionals remains a top priority as authorities strive to safeguard the well-being of all residents in assisted living facilities.

Upon the responding officers’ arrival, the victim’s mother disclosed that her son was residing at the facility due to a brain injury that had rendered him unable to speak. Despite this, the facility had provided him with an eye scanner, enabling him to communicate by reading words.

The victim was afraid to return to his room. Upon questioning by the victim’s mother, the victim non-verbally indicated that he had something to communicate. Using an eye scanner that allowed him to express words, he conveyed that an employee at the facility, known as Marco, had been touching him inappropriately through his pants. The victim repeated this statement to the officers, revealing that these disturbing incidents had been occurring for approximately five weeks.

Additional Allegations of Sexual Assault Against the Sarasota CNA

As the investigation continued, it came to light that this wasn’t the first instance where Avila Romero faced allegations of inappropriate touching of patients. The discovery of prior accusations adds another layer of concern and highlights the importance of thoroughly investigating such cases to protect vulnerable individuals.

The authorities are committed to uncovering the truth behind these incidents, holding the suspect accountable for any wrongdoing, and ensuring the safety and well-being of all residents in assisted living facilities.

According to the police, there have been multiple reports dating back to 2016 about the suspect engaging in molestation of patients at various assisted living facilities. The affidavit outlined seven distinct incidents that occurred at different facilities in Sarasota, including Sarasota Point and Rehab, Manorcare Health Services, Magnolia Health and Rehabilitation Center, Tarpon Point Nursing Rehabilitation Center, and Amira Choice Senior Living Facility, all occurring since 2016.

The Venice Police Department, Sarasota Police Department, and Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office received reports of the incidents involving Avila Romero. Despite the reports, no charges were filed at that time. Tragically, some of the victims passed away before Avila Romero’s arrest on July 18, 2023. Additionally, an incident reported at Amira Choice in May 2023 is currently still under investigation by the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, as stated in the affidavit.

In light of the ongoing investigation and the possibility of other victims, Sarasota County detectives are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying potential additional victims. The authorities are urging anyone who may have information related to Avila Romero’s actions or any other pertinent details to come forward and provide their cooperation. This collective effort is essential to uncovering the full extent of the suspect’s alleged actions and ensuring justice for all victims involved.

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If you suspect your loved one was sexually assaulted by Marco Avila Romero, call Detective Cox at 941-263-6075.

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