Sava Senior Care Pays $11 Million to Resolve Fraudulent Medicare Claims

SavaSenior Care Scam Allegations

Sava Senior Care Alleged to Provide Sub-Par Staffing and Billing for Unnecessary Services

The Nursing Home Giant Has Settled a Case Brought by the Federal Government for $11.2M, Alleging Sava Nursing Homes Submitted False Claims to Increase Medicare Revenues

SavaSeniorCare LLC, a skilled nursing facility operator in Georgia, has agreed to pay more than 11 million dollars (in addition to further penalties, should certain contingencies occur) to resolve allegations that the entity violated the False Claims Act by billing Medicare for services fraudulently. The complaint against Sava originated in 2015 and made claims against Sava’s behavior during the period of 2008 to 2012. During this time, it was alleged that Sava billed Medicare for rehabilitative services that residents did not need or that were not performed at a level of quality that made them effective.

This case was initially brought forth using the False Claims Act’s provisions for whistleblowers. If you know of a fraud or unnecessary service being provided in a nursing home, contact our whistleblower attorneys today. You may be entitled to a large cash award for exposing fraud involving Medicare and Medicaid.

Understanding the Allegations in the Multi-Million Dollar Case Against SavaSenior Care

According to the Department of Justice, one of the drivers behind this alleged behavior appeared to be Sava’s pressure on its nursing facilities to meet unrealistic and stringent financial benchmarks, which prompted the interest in billing for services that Medicare and Medicaid labeled as “worthless” or “substandard.” In some cases, this involved prescribing rehabilitative therapy to residents who did not need it.

For example, as whistleblower attorneys, we will occasionally come across a facility in other nursing home chains performing intense physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy on a non-responsive resident. These hours of therapy will not result in any kind of progress in the patient. Instead, they are performed simply to make money and bill Medicare.

In other allegations brought by the US government against Sava, it was alleged that Sava failed to discharge patients in a timely manner, even when they were medically ready and able to be discharged, in order to hold them and continue to receive Medicare payments.

Our firm has seen this in practice too, with other corporate nursing home chains. If a facility is under census and not at capacity, the clinical team may hang on to a resident for additional time, simply because they have “good insurance.”

Inadequate Staffing Allegations Against Sava Nursing Homes

The government maintained its allegations that Sava’s nursing care services did not meet the federal standards for adequate levels of care, either through interaction with residents or through the failure to meet appropriate staffing levels.

When a nursing home fails to provide enough staff to care for residents, injuries are inevitable. In fact, our nursing home abuse attorneys find that the most common culprit of neglect-related injuries like bed sores, falls and wrongful death, is understaffing.

The Settlement Agreement Between Sava and the Department of Justice

Sava will pay the government $11.2 million. Going forward, Sava has agreed to comply with a five-year corporate integrity agreement that will annually review patient outcomes and treatment using an independent third party. Despite settling for the large monetary amount, the Sava representative called the government’s allegations “unfounded” and denied all wrongdoing.

The related legal actions resulting from this event are:

  • United States ex rel. Hayward v. SavaSeniorCare, LLC, et al., No. 3:11-cv-0821 (M.D. Tenn.)
  • United States ex rel. Scott v. SavaSeniorCare Administrative Services, LLC, 3:15-cv-0404 (M.D. Tenn.)
  • United States ex rel. Kukoyi v. Sava Senior Care, L.L.C., et al., No. 3:15-cv-1102 (M.D. Tenn.)
  • United States, et al. ex rel. Thornton, et al. v. SavaSeniorCare, Inc., et al., Civil Action No. 16-CV-0840 (E.D. Pa.)

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