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Symphony at Delray Beach

Located at 4840 West Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida 33445, Symphony at Delray Beach is a for-profit, assisted living facility with 146 beds. The facility has been owned/licensed to Delray Operator, LLC since May 2018 and boasts “a senior living lifestyle that goes beyond your expectations.” Symphony at Delray Beach also states that “all of [the services offered by the facility are housed within a safe and attractive community atmosphere.” The facility is ultimately a part of the Milestone Retirement Communities group, based in Vancouver, Washington.

However, in the short time that Delray Operator, LLC has been responsible for overseeing this nursing home, the facility has received citations from the Agency for Health Care Administration regarding their lack of an approved emergency plan.

Complaint Statement of Deficiencies dated 8/12/2019

An initial licensure survey had been conducted on 7/6/2018, approximately two months after Delray Operators, LLC had established the facility, found no deficiencies.

However, on 8/12/2019 an unannounced survey was conducted as a follow up regarding a complaint. In that survey, AHCA found that Symphony at Delray Beach did not have an approved Emergency Plan as required by state law. Every year, nursing homes must submit an emergency management plan to the local emergency agency for review and approval. The surveyor found that since the last emergency plan was approved, “multiple submissions and rejections of the plan were made by the [facility] and the Palm Beach County Emergency Management Division (PBCEMD).” The facility administrator admitted that Symphony at Delray Beach was currently waiting on the execution of a generator maintenance agreement so that they could re-submit the plan to the PBCEMD.

The surveyor also found that the facility had failed to provide written notifications to residents regarding their Emergency Environment Control Plan (EECP). Under state regulations, nursing homes are required to provide written notification of their submission of the EECP for review and approval, within five business days of its submission. In addition, when the EECP is implemented, another notification must be provided. Symphony at Delray Beach admitted that neither of these notifications were issued to the residents.

Complaint Statement of Deficiencies dated 10/16/2019

Two months after the last inspection, AHCA again conducted an unannounced visit pursuant to another complaint that they had received regarding Symphony at Delray Beach. The surveyor found that the facility had not yet obtained approval for their Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP).

When the Representative of the County Emergency Management Division was called, he stated that the facility had not provided the three names and titles of those listed in the chain of command for the emergency management plan. In addition, the facility had not identified the appropriate and adequate amount of water needed during an emergency and that notification of the plan must be made to the residents and the family, which the facility had failed to do.

Finally, the survey uncovered noncompliance with the requirement to notify all residents of the emergency procedure plan of the facility. Nor were the residents informed of the final implementation of the EECP, despite the fact that that facility had been warned of this requirement in August 2019.

Safety is Imperative at Assisted Living Facilities

When nursing homes and assisted living facilities do not provide a safe environment for their residents, the facility may be deemed negligent if an emergency like a fall or elopement occurs.

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