Terraces of Lake Worth Cited for Negligent Nursing Home Care

Complaints against Terraces of Lake Worth

Complaints, Lawsuits and State Inspections of Terraces of Lake Worth

Concerned about the care provided by the Terraces of Lake Worth nursing home? The State of Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration was. Located at 1711 6th Avenue South in Lake Worth, FL 33460, Terraces of Lake Worth is a 99 bed nursing home in Palm Beach County. The facility is for-profit and corporate owned. It has a 3 star rating on health inspections, staffing and quality measures as per Medicare.gov.

Deficiencies Cited by Government Investigators

An unnaounced state survey was completed of Terraces of Lake Worth nursing home on June 23, 2016. The government inspection revealed the following violations:

F-0309: Provide Necessary Care and Services to Maintain the Highest Well Being of Each Resident

A cognitively impaired resident was found to have not received the therapy ordered by her doctor. Additionally, the resident was seen without her splint on, which was required following a patient fall injury. On further examination, the inspectors found that Terraces of Lake Worth nurses charted that the resident had her splint on in the patient’s nursing home chart. When interviewing the responsible caretakers, state investigators were told conflicting explanations as to why the resident was not wearing her splint. There were additional medication administration mistakes noted by investigators.

F-0367: Ensure Therapeutic Diets are Followed

A resident was on a special diet which included no added salt and low concentration of sweets. Not all staff were made aware of the specific dietary requirements of this resident.

F: 0154: Keep Accurate Records for Each Resident in the Terraces of Lake Worth Nursing Home

Florida and Federal law requires accurate record keeping in Medicare and Medicaid funded nursing homes. Numerous inconsistencies were found in various residents’ charts, violating this F-tag.

Suing Terraces of Lake Worth

Lawsuit Against Terraces of Lake Worth?

Our Lake Worth nursing home abuse attorneys are experienced, aggressive and compassionate. We understand the frustration and anger that stems out of a nursing home abuse lawsuit. If your loved one was injured or wrongfully killed inside the Terraces of Lake Worth nursing home, and you’d like to investigate what happened, speak with our nursing home abuse law firm today. The consultation is free and there is never an obligation to pursue a case. Call now at 561-717-0817.


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