The Peninsula Assisted Living Facility Inspection Citations

Deficiencies at The Peninsula Nursing Home

The Peninsula Assisted Living Facility Background

Situated in Hollywood, Florida, between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, The Peninsula is an assisted living facility that has been owned by MS-V-Hollywood Senior Living LLC since September 2016. The facility is located at 5100 West Hallandale Beach Blvd., Hollywood, Florida 33023. Our Hollywood, FL nursing home neglect attorneys can assist you in investigating a potential case.

Unfortunately, since ownership changed in 2016, the facility has been fined four times, for a total of $1,875. The most recent fine of $500 was imposed in November 2019 as the facility’s Administrator had not had a Level II background screening prior to starting her position. This was in violation of Florida law.

In addition, the facility has been cited by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration for failing to comply with state and federal regulations. Deficiency citations shed light on how The Peninsula operates and how its residents may be at risk of experiencing negligent care or abuse. The three most recent deficiency citation reports are summarized below.

Deficiencies in Patient Safety dates 9/11/2019

This survey was conducted in connection to a complaint received by AHCA. The facility, despite having a policy of providing a secure living environment that is assessed for the risk of elopement, allowed a resident to elope for six days. The facility did not notice that the resident had eloped until he did not appear for dinner. There was then a search of the facility and surrounding area, but  was not successful in locating the resident and the police were called. The patient was eventually located at a government building and held there until he was taken to a hospital to check for injuries. The resident had no recollection of what had occurred in the past 38 hours.

An interview with the Administrator was conducted concerning the elopement. The Administrator was not sure how the resident got out, nor which door he went through. At the time, family members and other visitors were aware of the codes to open doors and exits. After the elopement, the codes on doors were changed and the policies revised to require that a staff member accompany family members and visitors through doors and exits, and the codes were no longer given out to family members or other visitors.

Standard Statement of Deficiencies dated 10/5/2018

Two residents apparently did not receive their medication as ordered at the facility. A review of one resident’s Medical Observation Record (“MOR”) showed that she was to receive medication through a machine which the facility did not have. The resident’s MOR showed no signatures and had a yellow sticker that stated “machine not here.” The staff stated that they had contacted the resident’s daughter to bring the machine to administer medication, but that she had failed to do so. However, when the daughter was contacted, she stated she had never been asked to bring the machine. The daughter believed the facility had called her to inform her that they would be ordering another one. She stated she would bring the machine she had to the facility.

Another resident was ordered to take a certain medication once daily; however, that resident’s MOR indicated that the medication was not available at the facility. The nurse in charge, upon interview, stated that the medication had been reordered but not in a timely manner. After an interview with the pharmacy liaison, the pharmacy stated that they did not refill the order because they were waiting for clarification from the resident’s physician.

Finally, the facility did not have an approved Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan because the facility did not have a current license. The Assistant Administrator stated that they did not know what to do given the rejection. In addition, the last approved CEMP was dated in 2017.

Standard Statement of Deficiencies dated 7/26/2018

During this survey, AHCA found that one resident’s 1823 Health Assessment form was not accurate. This means it did not reflect a diagnosis made at the time of his discharge.

In addition, a resident was given medication that resident had not been prescribed. The Administrator and Licensed Practical Nurse Supervisor were interviewed and acknowledged this finding.

Finally, the facility lacked an approved Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan. Also, the facility Administrator had not undergone a Level II background check prior to her start date, as required.

Assisted Living Facility Deficiencies are NOT Acceptable

These deficiency reports show that The Peninsula has had issues with surveys in the past.

If you or a loved one is a resident at this facility, or any other Broward County ALF, and suspect negligent care or abuse, contact Senior Justice Law Firm. Our team of experienced attorneys who focus on nursing home and assisted living facility neglect and abuse may be able to help you with your case.  Call us now, toll free, at 888-375-9998.

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