Legal Issues at Pacifica Senior Living Sunrise Florida

Pacifica Senior Living Sunrise

Pacifica Senior Living Sunrise Legal Troubles

Pacifica Senior Living Sunrise, located at 4201 Springtree Drive, Sunrise, Florida 33351-6163 is a large, assisted living facility that has been operated by Pacifica SL Sunrise LLC since April 2019. The facility’s prior ownership appears to have had a history of state regulation violations and legal issues. Pacifica Senior Living has been cited a total of eight (8) times since 2004. Since Pacifica SL Sunrise LLC took over ownership of the facility, it has been cited and fined $500.

The $500 fine mentioned above was levied on Pacifica Senior Living Sunrise on February 17, 2020 for its failure to acquire sufficient alternative power sources. This includes equipment such as generators, to ensure that the facility can be maintained below 81 degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum of 96 hours in the event that the main power source to the facility is cut off. In addition, the facility did not have sufficient fuel for the alternative power source. They also did not obtain services necessary to test the equipment to ensure that it functions properly.

This means that the facility was not prepared in the case of an emergency, such as a hurricane, which could result in power being cut off to the facility.

It is concerning that Pacifica Senior Living Sunrise has had so many deficiencies in the short time since ownership changed.

A summary of the most recent citation issued by the Agency for Health Care Administration is provided below.

Change of Ownership Statement of Deficiencies dated 11/6/2019

During an announced Change of Ownership survey, AHCA found that the facility was badly in need of repair, with stained carpets, a closet door off its hinges and leaning into the closet, water damage and mold on baseboards, dirty vents, and the laminate flooring coming up, creating a tripping hazard. A fire/smoke detector had also been removed and the wires were extending from the wall.

In addition, although the Maintenance Supervisor provided a copy of a letter approving the facility’s Comprehensive Emergency Environmental Plan and the facility’s Emergency Environmental Control Plan, both letters had been issued to the previous owners and the current new owners had not obtained approval for any emergency plan. When questioned, the Maintenance Supervisor stated that they were in the process of obtaining approval. However, no evidence that a request for approval had been submitted was observed on file.

Monitor Statement of Deficiencies dated 6/5/2019

Although assisted living facilities must submit an emergency management plan within 30 days after obtaining a license and have the same approved, or resubmit another plan, Pacifica Senior Living Sunrise failed to have a plan on file. Upon interview and a review of the record, the facility had submitted a plan to the County Emergency Management Agency but did not follow up with the county regarding the status of the plan.

Change of Ownership Still Leaves Paper Trail

The very recent change in ownership at Pacifica Senior Living Sunrise means that no lawsuits have yet been filed and that the citations are still limited. However, it is clear from the limited deficiencies citations and fine issued by AHCA that the facility is already struggling to ensure that an emergency plan is in place. This places residents at risk; in the event of a hurricane or other natural disaster, they will have no alternative source of power.

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