Victoria Nursing & Rehab Miami Faces Lawsuits and State Fines

Read court filings in lawsuits against Victoria Nursing & Rehab in Miami, FL.

Victoria Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Inc. Lawsuits and Inspection Results

Victoria Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Inc. is a 264-bed, for profit nursing home located at 955 NW 3rd St., Miami, Florida 33128 which is owned by Victoria Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Inc. since 2011. Victoria Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Inc. boasts specialized rehabilitation services, nursing care, and high-quality medical care.

Lawsuits Filed vs. Victoria Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

The following lawsuits have been filed against Victoria Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

Gina Cardenas, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Alonso Cardenas v. Victoria Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

Allegations: The Complaint alleges that while Mr. Cardenas was a resident at Victoria Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Inc., the facility failed to monitor Mr. Cardenas, keep him hydrated, prevent him from suffering falls, and ensure that he did not develop a urinary tract infection. As a result, Mr. Cardenas developed a urinary tract infection, suffered injuries from falls, contracted pneumonia, and sepsis.

Cecilio Rivero, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Juan Rivero v. Victoria Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

Allegations: Mr. Rivero suffered from severe dementia, required oxygen and dialysis. As his daughter was mentally ill and could not care for Mr. Rivero, he was entrusted to the care of Victoria Nursing Rehabilitation Center, Inc. Later that same week, Mr. Rivero was transported to an outside facility for dialysis, then accidentally returned to his daughter’s house, which was not equipped or stocked with medication necessary for his care. Despite missing a patient, and being aware of the risk of death to Mr. Rivero if not located quickly, Victoria Nursing and Rehabilitation Center allegedly failed to contact the police regarding Mr. Rivero’s absence until the following morning. Mr. Rivero was discovered deceased later that day.

Manuel M. Franco, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Timothy Bellefeuille v. Victoria Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

Allegations: According to the Complaint, Victoria Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Inc. did not provide adequate supervision and care to Mr. Bellefeuille, who was a resident of the facility. The lack of care and monitoring led to Mr. Bellefeuille to develop an infection, and consequently sepsis.

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Victoria Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Inc. Inspections and Survey Results

The Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) will periodically inspect nursing homes such as Victoria Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Inc. Recent inspection reports show several deficiencies have been found at Victoria Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

Complaint Regarding Deficiencies Dated 3/5/2019

In an unannounced survey conducted pursuant to a complaint, the AHCA found a patient who stated that the Certified Nursing Assistant who usually cares for him overnight had unplugged his call light, stating that he bothered her too much, and moved the ball light and bed remote control out of reach. He reported this to his Social Worker, but no one followed up with him regarding this issue.

Fire/Life/Safety Statement of Deficiencies Dated 10/17/2018

The AHCA found, during an unannounced survey, that the facility could not provide documentation that their electrical utilities and its components were kept in a safe condition within the facility. In addition, the facility did not provide documentation showing proper testing, inspecting, and maintenance of the emergency power supply were carried out, thereby endangering both residents and staff.

Standard Statement of Deficiencies Dated 10/12/2018

During an inspection, the facility was found to have violated a patient’s right to privacy as there was a sign on the wall by a resident’s bed that read “no blood pressure, no venipuncture and no procedure on both arms.” This large sign also included personal and private accommodations and written communications about the resident. Other residents were also found to have similar signs near their beds. The survey inspection also found that one resident was not given an accurate assessment, a resident who is on continuous oxygen often had her nasal cannula resting below her chin or on top of her head. Moreover, when changing the patient’s nose cannula, the inspector observed that the biohazard trash bag was touching the new, sealed inner cannula pack and there was no distinction between the dirty side and the clean side of the patient’s bedside table.

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