Unity Health and Rehabilitation Center; Miami Lawsuits and Survey Results

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Updated 10-30-2019

Unity Health and Rehabilitation Center Lawsuits and Inspection Results

A 270-bed, for-profit nursing home located at 1404 NW 22nd Street, Miami, Florida 33142, Unity Health and Rehabilitation Center is one of the largest nursing homes in the Miami area. The facility provides a range of services, such as physical, occupational, and speech therapy, post-surgical care, and specialized orthopedic, cardiac, and stroke rehabilitation programs. Unity Health and Rehabilitation Center is owned by Jackson Heights NH, L.L.C. and part of the Greystone Health umbrella.

Lawsuits Filed vs. Unity Health and Rehabilitation Center

The following lawsuits have been filed against Unity Health and Rehabilitation Center or its owner, Jackson Heights NH, L.L.C.

Fredona B. Jones, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Janet Watson v. Jackson Heights NH, LLC

Allegations: Ms. Watson was a resident of Unity Health and Rehabilitation Center. During her stay, the facility did not adequately supervise, monitor, or care for her, leading to the development of infections, sepsis, dehydration, and respiratory failure. According to the Complaint, Ms. Watson suffered injuries, could not enjoy life as she once had, and died as a result.

Pedro Madruga, as the Personal Representative of the Estate of German Madruga v. Jackson Heights NH, L.L.C.

Allegations: While Mr. Madruga was a resident at the facility, the lack of appropriate care provided by the facility led to Mr. Madruga developing bed sores, infections, sepsis, dehydration, and other health problems, including Mr. Madruga’s death. The Complaint also stated that the facility did not keep accurate information regarding treatment and diagnoses, did not conduct a complete skin assessment in relation to Mr. Madruga’s bed sores, and did not keep the wounds from being infected by fecal matter.

Michael Harris, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Christine Harris v. Jackson Heights NH, LLC

Allegations: The Complaint states that Ms. Harris suffered from the development and infection of bed sores while in the care of Unity Health and Rehabilitation Center. The staff did not properly clean Ms. Harris’s skin to prevent the worsening of her bed sores, which led to the development of sepsis. The Complaint goes on to state that the health problems suffered by Ms. Harris due to her infected bed sores and sepsis eventually led to her death.

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Unity Health and Rehabilitation Center Inspections and Survey Results

State Inspection Surveys at Unity Health, a Miami Nursing Home

The Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) conducts inspections of nursing facilities such as Unity Health and Rehabilitation Center to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Recent inspection reports for Unity Health and Rehabilitation Center Center can be found below:

Standard Statement of Deficiencies Dated 2/2/2018

In a standard inspection, the AHCA found that one resident had reported that a pair of shoes and a pair of nail clippers had been lost or stolen from his room. The resident also stated that he had lost some of his clothing during this stay at Unity Health and Rehabilitation Center. Although the resident had reported the loss of the items to more than one staff member, the articles were never found, nor did the facility reimburse him for those items. In addition, the inspection found that the facility did not ensure that residents were invited or encouraged to participate in their care plans. Another resident was not offered the proper treatment for a nail fungal infection. Yet another resident had a fractured left arm which had never been x-rayed by the facility. Although he had asked an appointment be made with an orthopedist multiple times, it appeared to the resident that no such appointment had been made. Once the inspector arrived, the resident was seen by an orthopedist. The inspector also found a resident whose trach collar was stained in many places and not kept clean.

Fire/Life/Safety Statement of Deficiencies Dated 2/2/2018

In an unannounced inspection, Unity Health and Rehabilitation did not maintain its cooking facility in proper order as there were corroded cylinders present in the hood systems in the kitchen. Several resident’s doors also had a top gap which was not in compliance with requirements for smoke and fire doors.

Standard Statement of Deficiencies Dated 6/27/2017

The AHCA noted that during this inspection, the outside garbage bin lid was open and there was trash overflowing around the bin. Although Unity Health and Rehabilitation stated that they had a pest control program, flies were observed in the kitchen, in a pan of water, and near the juice dispensers. Interviews with residents revealed that there was sightings of roaches in the bathroom and other locations.

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