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At Senior Justice Law Firm, our attorneys focus on cases involving injuries and wrongful death arising out of negligent caretaking. Most of our caseload involves bed sores and patient fall injuries.

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Weston, Florida’s Aging Population Deserves Protection

A small suburb in Broward County, Weston is located right beside the Everglades and has the 19th highest median income in America. Weston is often included in rankings as “best affordable suburb,” “best places to live in America,” and “Ten Best Towns for Families.” With a population of approximately 65,000, it is unique in that unlike the surrounding communities, Weston only has one assisted living facility within its borders, Jubilee Assisted Living of Florida, and no nursing homes. Weston does house the Cleveland Clinic Weston, which is a large hospital located just off the Royal Palm exit of I-75.

Typically, residents of Weston will be forced to look outside their community to find a suitable nursing home, for example in cities such as Sunrise, Tamarac, Plantation, or Hollywood. The level of care at facilities in these areas are occasionally neglectful and/or abusive.

Plantation, a community close to Weston, is infamous for neglect that led to the death of a resident from second- and third-degree burns. This particular resident, Alfonso Jansen, had wheeled himself to the patio at ManorCare in Plantation. He was left there for almost three hours, when a staff member wondered why he had failed to show up for lunch. By that time, he had severe burns all over his body and had died from an aortic aneurysm. The State Attorney did not press charges.

Our Weston, Florida Elder Abuse Attorneys Can Help

Other nursing home options in Sunrise, Tamarac, and Lauderhill do not offer much better. Moreover, an investigative report by the Orlando Sentinel found that over 3,500 people with criminal records are currently employed at nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Florida, including Broward County. This number does not include the estimated hundreds for whom employers failed to conduct background checks, or whom simply slipped through the cracks. In one instance, a woman was employed despite there being fraud charges pending against her. Her background check, her employer (the Broward County nursing facility) alleged, turned up clean. The woman in question was still on probation when she was arrested for slapping an Alzheimer’s patient across the face and telling her to shut up.

Even when nursing homes and assisted living facilities properly only employ those without criminal records, understaffing can lead to negligent practices that, if left unaddressed, could lead to death. Reviews of nursing homes and assisted living facilities around Weston show a consistent lack of adequate care; for example, staff that cannot be bothered to change patients or respond to call bells. Even if a facility appears to be doing its best with what staff it has, these are signs of nursing home neglect and grounds on which a lawsuit can be filed.

Another case of neglect in Broward County occurred in Hollywood, Florida, the same city where 12 residents of a nursing home died after a facility lost power due to Hurricane Irma and did not have the proper power reserves to maintain air conditioning in the facility. In this case, a man was admitted to Hillcrest Health Care and Rehabilitation. He fell two days after his arrival; several hours later, a staff member noticed vomit on his shirt. Three hours afterwards, an ambulance arrived to pick up another patient, but a nurse asked the paramedics to check on this particular resident first. They found him unresponsive due to a fatal injury to his brain from the fall. Had the staff acted more quickly, there is a chance this resident would not have died. Moreover, had the staff been properly monitoring this resident, he would not have suffered the fall in the first place.

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At Senior Justice Law Firm, we have handled hundreds of elder abuse cases. These types of cases are our sole focus, as we believe that specialized knowledge best aids our clients. We don’t believe that you should put up with bad care or lack of care that leads to deterioration of your loved one’s health. Nursing homes, hospitals and aides should be addressing your loved ones needs and helping them to stay mobile and independent, while easing your concerns regarding your loved one’s care. If a nursing home is being neglectful, we are here to help.

Weston Nursing Homes & Assisted Living & Hospital Facilities

The below is Weston’s only assisted living facility.

Name Street Address Street City

In addition to the above, Weston is home to the Cleveland Clinic, located at 2950 Cleveland Clinic Blvd, Weston, FL 33331. Our attorneys have experience successfully handling cases against Cleveland Clinic Weston for medical malpractice and patient neglect. 

If you or a loved one experienced neglect or abuse in a Broward County facility, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Often, legal action is the fastest way to make sure that you or your loved one’s rights are respected by nursing homes, hospitals and assisted living facilities. Florida law also provides for compensation after a preventable injury or wrongful death. Speak with our experienced lawyers today to learn more about your legal rights after being neglected by a nurse, aide or staff member.