10 Tips for Picking the Best Boca Raton Injury Lawyer

Who Are the Best Personal Injury Attorneys in Boca Raton?

Searching for the top-rated Boca Raton personal injury lawyer? Finding Boca’s best attorneys can be a daunting task. Follow these 10 tips to ensure that you choose the right personal injury lawyer for your specific case.

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  1. If you live in Boca Raton, find a Boca Raton injury attorney

    • Beware of out-of-town attorneys marketing to you in order to sign up your case. Many of these out-of-area attorneys will sign up your case, then refer it out to a local Boca Raton personal injury lawyer like us. Cut out the middle man and find the best local Boca Raton injury attorney to handle your case.
  2. Does the lawyer focus on this kind of case?

    • Not all of Boca’s 2,754 attorneys do the same kind of work. You would not go to a dermatologist for a headache. Similarly, you should make sure that your prospective Boca Raton personal injury lawyer does the kind of case that you are considering bringing. For example, most attorney websites have a ‘practice areas’ page. Do they prominently feature your potential case’s practice area? If not, time to move on to the other 2,753 attorneys in town.
    • Example: Our attorneys focus on Boca car accident cases, lawsuits against nursing homes and bicycle accidents.
  3. Human to human interaction is key to a successful attorney client relationship

    • Can’t get the prospective lawyer on the phone? This is a red flag. If you cannot arrange for an in-person meeting with your potential Boca injury lawyer, imagine how hard it will be to speak with them after you hire them. Make sure your lawyer is accessible and answers your questions, otherwise you are in for a long ride with a non-responsive attorney.
  4. Do they have the right accolades and professional accomplishments?

    • Not every lawyer is equally qualified to handle your case. Attorneys do not come out of law school ready, willing and able to try a complex liability case before a jury. Read about your attorneys prior accomplishments and professional accolades before signing a retainer agreement.
  5. So they are qualified, but do you like them?

    • We’ve all heard lawyer jokes. Most are exaggerated, but let’s be honest. A lot of lawyers are good attorneys, but total jerks. This should matter to you, especially if your case may go on for 2 years or more. Make sure you like the attorney handling your case. If you don’t, chances are an insurance adjuster or a juror probably will not like them either!
  6. Is the staff helpful?

    • Your Boca Raton injury attorney will do the heavy lifting in the courtroom and depositions, but the day-to-day scheduling is done by the staff. Make sure you have a good rapport with the legal assistant and paralegal. These are individuals you will likely talk to as much as your attorney.
  7. What is the Boca Raton personal injury lawyer’s fee structure?

    • Never agree to pay a Boca personal injury lawyer up front. We all work on contingency fee, meaning we only get paid if you make a financial recovery. The traditional attorneys’ fees provision for lawyers in Boca Raton is 33 1/3% of the recovery in pre-suit and 40% of the recovery in litigation.
  8. How do prior clients rate your prospective Boca lawyers?

    • We live in a review-driven world. Prior to attorney review websites, potential clients were forced to choose their lawyer in a vacuum. Now, consumers have the power of prior client reviews that are verified as true.
    • Read your prospective attorney’s prior client reviews! History has a tendency to repeat itself. If your lawyer has prior happy clients, chances are you will be pleased with your representation as well. At Senior Justice Law Firm, we are proud of our glowing client reviews.
  9. Do you vibe with your individual lawyer? Or are you sold on the firm itself?

    • Remember, the law firm may be prestigious and reputable, but it will be an individual lawyer who assumes primary responsibility for your case. Do not fall in love with the 70 year old partner who had big jury verdicts in the early 1990’s. He plays golf a lot. Find out which attorney will have the day-to-day responsibility for your file. Make sure you gel nicely with them. If not, time to look elsewhere.
  10. How does your prospective Boca injury lawyer compare to the other lawyers you spoke with?

    • This may surprise you to hear this from a Boca Raton injury law firm. But we recommend you speak with other firms as well. Choosing a Boca injury lawyer is very important. There are no re-do’s on your case. You only have one shot to make it count, so make sure to have the right legal team in your corner. Speak with multiple Boca Raton personal injury lawyers and choose the one with whom you are most comfortable with.

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