$700,000 Settlement in Pressure Sore Lawsuit Against Franco Nursing and Rehab

Large bed sore settlement for 74 year old nursing home resident

A nursing home resident at Franco Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Miami sued the facility, alleging nursing home negligence. The case was filed in Miami Dade Circuit Court before Judge Juan Ramirez.

Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit Allegations Against Franco

The Plaintiff, Ella White, alleged that she was neglected at the Franco Nursing & Rehabilitation Center and developed bed sores on her feet. As a result of those bed sores, the Plaintiff allegedly underwent a below the knee leg amputation, performed by Dr. John Bowker. The other doctor who treated the Ms. White at Cedar’s Hospital was Dr. Narandra Upadehayaya.

Franco Nursing and Rehabilitation Center’s Defense to the Allegations of Negligence

The Miami nursing home denied wrongdoing and maintained that Ms. White’s pressure sores were the result of peripheral vascular disease, not unrelieved pressure. Franco Nursing Home also alleged that it timely reacted to Ms. White’s condition, and it was Ms. White’s medical providers who did not treat Plaintiff’s ulcer issues appropriately.

Bed Sore Settlement of $700,000

The case ultimately settled for $700,000 before trial. The Plaintiff was 74, female and retired at the time of her nursing home residency.

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