Barrington Terrace of Boynton Beach Lawsuits, State Violations and Complaints

Reviews, Complaints and Lawsuits Plague Barrington Terrace of Boynton Beach

Barrington Terrace of Boynton Beach has been sued in nursing home negligence and assisted living wrongful death lawsuits. Barrington Terrace Boynton has also been cited by the State of Florida for violations of Florida’s Administrative Code. So how does Barrington Terrace of Boynton Beach’s history of lawsuits and violations impact the quality of care provided to residents?

This post has been updated on 4-10-2019.

Barrington Terrace of Boynton Beach: Facility Profile

Barrington Terrace of Boynton Beach, located at 1425 S. Congress Avenue in Boynton Beach, is a graduated care campus owned and operated by Five Star Senior Living. The sprawling Barrington Terrace campus offers an assisted living facility, memory care, short term rehabilitation and a long term nursing home. The nursing home is rated as 2 stars as of April 10, 2019, which is below average by standards.

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Lawyers Who Won Cases Against Barrington Terrace of Boynton Beach

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Barrington Terrace of Boynton Nursing Home Inspection Results

Barrington Terrace of Boynton Beach nursing home is 29 beds. Despite its small size, the facility underwent random unannounced surveys, many of which resulted in citations for deficiencies.

Document Type Date
Fire/Life/Safety 05/15/2017 Deficiencies Corrected
Standard 05/11/2017 Deficiencies Corrected
Standard 03/30/2017 Deficiencies Cited
Fire/Life/Safety 03/28/2017 Deficiencies Cited
Standard 04/01/2016 Deficiencies Corrected
Fire/Life/Safety 03/28/2016 Deficiencies Corrected
Standard 02/12/2016 Deficiencies Cited
Fire/Life/Safety 02/09/2016 Deficiencies Cited
Complaint 05/19/2015 No Deficiencies
Fire/Life/Safety 01/02/2015 Deficiencies Corrected

2019 Update

An April 25, 2018 inspection resulted in multiple citations. An unannounced complaint survey was conducted on 2/20/2019. AHCA reports that ‘the allegations were substantiated without deficient practice.’

Barrington Terrace of Boynton Assisted Living Inspection Results

The ALF portion of Barrington Terrace of Boynton has 125 beds and has also been inspected and cited for deficiencies.  The results are below:

Inspection Type Visit Date Inspection Status
Complaint 08/09/2017 No Deficiencies
Standard 09/08/2015 Deficiencies Corrected
Standard 07/21/2015 Deficiencies Cited
Complaint 07/16/2015 Deficiencies Corrected
Complaint 04/22/2015 Deficiencies Cited
Standard 11/27/2013 Deficiencies Corrected
Complaint 11/27/2013 No Deficiencies
Standard 09/25/2013 Deficiencies Cited
Complaint 05/16/2013 Deficiencies Corrected
Complaint 05/16/2013 No Deficiencies

2019 Update

A 10/13/2017 inspection of Barrington Terrace Boynton Beach’s assisted living facility resulted in no deficiencies.

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