Haym Salomon Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuits and Citations

Haym Solomon Nursing Home Abuse Cases

Haym Salomon Home for the Aged’s Legal History

At 2340 Cropsey Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11214, Haym Salomon Home for the Aged, LLC operates a large, 240-bed nursing home. The nursing home has been given high ratings, with the New York State Department of Health awarding the facility an overall rating of four out of five stars. For its Resident Safety category, Haym Solomon Home for the Aged received five out of five stars.

This is somewhat contradicted by the number of complaints received by the state agency with regard to Haym Solomon Home for the Aged in the past three years. The nursing home has received 39 complaints, which led to an impressive 14 on-site inspections and 3 actual citations. Information regarding these citations is not available on the New York State Department of Health website. In addition to those 39 complaints, the nursing home has also received a total of 25 standard health and life safety code citations, 2 of which were considered by the State to be related to actual harm to a resident or residents or related to immediate jeopardy of a resident or residents.

Additionally, Haym Solomon has been sued in nursing home negligence lawsuits.

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Certification/Complaint Survey dated 6/8/2018

Read Nursing Home Inspection Reports and ViolationsThe surveyor noted that the facility failed to provide the care that was outlined in a resident’s comprehensive care plan when he was bathed with the assistance of one person and not two. As a result, the resident had fallen in the shower and suffered a bump and a small cut across the middle of his forehead and on his nose, as well as bruises on both knees and on his wrist. Family was immediately notified and the resident was examined for fractures. Based on interviews, a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) had showered the resident, then stepped out to call for help with the Hoyer lift transfer. Upon coming back, he had found the resident face down in the shower. The Department of Health found that this incident constituted neglect on the part of the facility, and that the facility had failed to provide sufficient supervision to protect its residents from accidents.

In addition, the surveyor observed one staff member videotaping residents with a personal phone in the day room. The staff member stated that she often does this as one resident’s family requests videos and photographs.

In another incident, a resident was observed to be wearing a hospital gown in several public places, including the dining room. The resident had no clothing; a CNA told the surveyor that if a resident has no clothing, they are provided a hospital gown and family members are asked to bring clothes. However, since there was always a supply of hospital gowns available, the resident’s lack of clothing was never reported.

With regard to life safety code violations, the Ansul system in the kitchen had not been inspected on a monthly basis, and the Director of Building Services was not aware that it should be inspected monthly. Moreover, while disaster drills had been conducted, there was no documentation of the facility’s response to those drills. The Director of Building Services stated that a write up had been completed regarding the drills; however, the surveyor was never provided with any such documents. Further, oxygen tanks were improperly stored, with one tank next to a fire-rated cabinet. The facility’s emergency plan also lacked a risk assessment regarding missing residents, there was no policy or procedure to shelter in place  residents, staff, and volunteers who  remain in the facility during an emergency, nor were there any policies or procedures for the use of volunteers during an emergency.

Certification Survey dated 11/14/2016

During this inspection, the surveyor found extensive use of extension cords, some of which were daisy-chained together. As extension cords cannot be used permanently according to regulations, the facility was instructed to remove the extension cords. Next, several oxygen cylinders were found stored upright, without any chain or restraint that would prevent them from falling over. Doors to hazardous areas were not properly latching and there was an approximately 40 ft corridor without sprinkler coverage. In addition, items such as wheelchairs were observed to be stored on the roof, and there was no sprinkler coverage for this area.

Lawsuits Filed Against Haym Salomon Home for the Aged

Estate of Edith March vs. Haym Salomon, et. al

This was a bed sore case filed against Maimonides Medical Center and Haym Salomon Home for the Aged. In the Complaint, the Plaintiff alleges that Haym Salomon nursing home left Ms. March confined in bed for a lengthy period of time and suffered pressure ulcers.

Estate of Concetta Buono vs. Haym Solomon Home for the Aged

This cause of action against Haym Solomon nursing home arose out of a residency from 9-16-2011 through 9-11-2012. During that time, Ms. Buono was resided at Haym Solomon and depended on the skilled nursing facility for assistance. It was alleged in the Complaint that Haym Solomon acted negligently and carelessly regarding its patient, Ms. Buono, and she suffered injury as a result.

Mary Genoese vs. Haym Salomon Home for the Aged

Allegations from the Complaint: On January 13, 2016, Ms. Genoese fell and broke her right hip. After a hospitalization, she was admitted into Haym Salomon nursing home for care and rehabilitation. While a patient at Haym Solomon, Ms. Genoese suffered second and third degree burns in the nursing home after staff gave her a cup of boiling water.

Faina Lyubavina vs. Haym Salomon Nursing Home

Allegations from the Complaint: Ms. Lyubavina was admitted to Haym Salomon and was a fall risk. Despite this, it was alleged that Haym Solomon failed to use appropriate fall prevention intervention.

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Despite the glowing overall rating Haym Salomon Home for the Aged has received from the New York State Department of Health, a review of the two most recent inspection surveys available shows that families should remain vigilant in monitoring their loved one for nursing home abuse and neglect.

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