Brookdale Conway Orlando Sued in Lawsuits, Cited by State of Florida

Successful Lawsuits for Neglect of Elderly Residents

Lawsuits and Legal Proceedings Against Brookdale Conway in Orlando

Brookdale Conway, an Orlando, FL assisted living facility, has been cited by the State of Florida for deficient employee management and other care violations. The facility has also been sued in multiple assisted living facility negligence lawsuits, alleging violations of resident rights.

Located at 5501 East Michigan Street, Orlando, FL 32822, Brookdale Conway is one of the larger assisted living facilities in Orange County. With 103 private pay beds, the Brookdale Conway location in Orlando is an important facility for the nationwide Brookdale corporation. reports this Brookdale facility as 100% occupied.

This post has been updated on 3/22/2019.

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Suing Brookdale Conway of Orlando for Neglect
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Lawsuits Against Brookdale Conway in Orlando

The legal licensee of the Brookdale Conway facility is EMERITUS PROPERTIES NGH LLC. This Orlando, Florida assisted living facility has been sued in the following Brookdale Conway lawsuits:

Estate of Rosa-Caraballo vs. Brookdale Conway [2019 Case]

This lawsuit vs. Brookdale Conway alleges that Mr. Rosa-Caraballo suffered neglect in the Orlando A.L.F. Specifically, the lawsuit alleges that Mr. Rosa-Caraballo entered the facility in August of 2017 as a fall risk. He then suffered multiple falls at Brookdale Conway, despite this fall risk classification. Mr. Rosa-Caraballo suffered a severe displaced fractured right femur as a result of one of these falls. It is further alleged that Brookdale Conway failed to timely react to the injury, instead picking Mr. Rosa-Caraballo up and placing him back in bed, allowing 24 hours to pass before any diagnostic studies were performed to determine if he had broke anything in the fall.

Wright vs. Brookdale Conway [2019 Case]

This lawsuit vs. Brookdale Conway alleges that on June 14, 2018, Ms. Wright was physically and sexually assaulted by a male resident. During the assault, Ms. Wright suffered a fractured spinal vertebra. Ms. Wright subsequently suffered a fall while using a walker at Brookdale Conway, on 6/21/2018, and suffered a concussion and hematoma.

Herrington-Roth vs. Brookdale Conway [2017 Case]

This lawsuit vs. Brookdale Conway alleges that James Herrington-Roth was a resident at Brookdale Conway, located at 5501 E. Michigan Street in Orlando, Florida. Mr. Herrington-Roth was admitted to the assisted living facility in 2012. On July 11, 2016, Mr. Herrington-Roth was discharged to the hospital with a leg break in three places. He was subsequently discharged to a local rehabilitation center, where, due to his immobility, he developed bed sores.

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State of Florida Survey & Brookdale Conway Violations

A 2016 AHCA surprise visit to the facility revealed numerous employee violations and deficiencies. The ALF violations are summarized below.

Failure to Properly Train Brookdale Conway Staff

The random state visit revealed that the Brookdale Conway Administrator failed to ensure that employees had the required in-service training.

Failure to Properly Maintain Background Checks on Employees

2 of 4 sampled staff members were found to be missing from the employee roster on the Agency’s Background Screening Clearing House.

Background Screening: Prohibited Offenses

The personnel records for a sampled staff member revealed that the R.N. was hired in 2008, yet her background screening was not current. When asked about Brookdale Conway of Orlando’s employee background measures, the Business Office Manager at the facility stated that the screenings were handled at by ‘corporate.’

2019 Update

Since the original post, Brookdale Conway Orlando has been inspected and cited for violations.

Statement of Deficiencies 4/19/2018 1 Deficiencies Cited
Statement of Deficiencies 6/25/2018 12 Deficiencies Cited
Statement of Deficiencies 9/5/2018 1 Deficiencies Corrected
Statement of Deficiencies 9/5/2018 4 Deficiencies Cited
Statement of Deficiencies 11/15/2018 1 Deficiencies Corrected

To date, the assisted living facility has not been inspected or surveyed by state officials in 2019.

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