Brookdale Conway Orlando Cited by State of Florida

Abbey Delray AHCA Citations and Complaints

Brookdale Conway, an Orlando, FL assisted living facility, was recently cited by the State of Florida for deficient employee management. Located at 5501 East Michigan Street, Orlando, FL 32822, Brookdale Conway is one of the larger assisted living facilities in Orange County. With 103 private pay beds, the Brookdale Conway location in Orlando is surely a profitable one for the nationwide Brookdale corporation. reports this Brookdale facility as 100% occupied.

Suing Brookdale Conway of Orlando for Neglect

State of Florida Survey & Brookdale Conway Violations

A recent 2016 AHCA surprise visit to the facility revealed numerous employee violations and deficiencies. The ALF violations are summarized below.

Failure to Properly Train Brookdale Conway Staff

The random state visit revealed that the Brookdale Conway Administrator failed to ensure that employees had the required in-service training.

Failure to Properly Maintain Background Checks on Employees

2 of 4 sampled staff members were found to be missing from the employee roster on the Agency’s Background Screening Clearing House.

Background Screening: Prohibited Offenses

The personnel records for a sampled staff member revealed that the R.N. was hired in 2008, yet her background screening was not current. When asked about Brookdale Conway of Orlando’s employee background measures, the Business Office Manager at the facility stated that the screenings were handled at by ‘corporate.’

Abuse, Neglect or Negligence inside the Orlando Brookdale Conway Facility?

If you or a loved one suffered repeated falls, medication mistakes, wrongful death or serious injury inside the Orlando Brookdale Conway A.L.F, seek out legal help immediately. Your potential claim is subject to a strict statute of limitations period. If you wait too long, your claim will be forever barred. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Florida assisted living facility abuse attorneys. We are here to help.

Why We Care

We are Orlando assisted living negligence attorneys that fight the systemic patterns of neglect and abuse in Florida facilities. We regularly sue Brookdale for negligence, along with other large long-term care corporate chains. If you believe you have a case against Brookdale Conway or any other Florida facility, contact our caring and experienced attorneys now for your free case evaluation: 1-844-253-8919.

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