Brookdale Fort Myers Faces Lawsuits for Assisted Living Negligence and Fines

Suing Brookdale Fort Myers for Wrongful Death

Updated 7-26-2019

Brookdale Fort Myers has four different locations: Brookdale College Parkway, Brookdale Fort Myers Cypress Lake, Brookdale Fort Myers Lakes Park and Brookdale Fort Myers The Colony. Each facility has faced its own set of challenges. In this post, we highlight prior lawsuits against Brookdale Ft. Myers assisted living facilities, as well as detail prior state inspection results, surveys and citations for not following Florida regulations for A.L.F.’s.

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Suing Brookdale Fort Myers for Wrongful Death and Falls
Ft. Myers has 4 different Brookdale facilities.


Brookdale Corporate Ownership

Brookdale Senior Living is one of the largest corporate assisted living chains in the US. The company is so large that it is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Brookdale Senior Living operates more than 1,000 senior living facilities across the United States. Closer to home, Brookdale maintains a significant presence in Lee County, FL with four separate facilities.

Lawsuits Against Brookdale Fort Myers, Filed in Lee County Circuit Court

Erma G. Hazell vs. Brookdale Senior Living Communities, Inc.

Assisted living facility negligence case filed vs. Brookdale Fort Myers and its Administrator. The case has since settled.

Estate of Rosemary L. Sonstrom vs. Brookdale Ft. Myers Cypress Lake

Rosemary Sonstrom was admitted into the Ft. Myers assisted living facility on 8/8/11 and remained a resident until 3/12/15. The facility was known as Emeritus at the Lakes but is now known as Brookdale Ft. Myers Cypress Lake. The Brookdale Fort Myers lawsuit alleges that Ms. Sonstrom was an inappropriate candidate for assisted living and that, as a result, Rosemary suffered multiple falls resulting in a broken hip. The Complaint also alleges medication errors.

Lester Gordon vs. Brookdale Senior Living Inc. & Brookdale Fort Myers Assisted Living Facility

Assisted living facility lawsuit filed against Brookdale Fort Myers. The case has since resolved before trial.

Norelys Alexander vs. Brookdale of Fort Myers

Florida assisted living facility neglect claim against the Fort Myers Brookdale A.L.F. This case settled outside of court.

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Brookdale Fort Myers Cypress Lake

Brookdale Fort Myers Cypress Lake is a large, 190 bed for-profit assisted living facility, offering memory care services. The Brookdale Cypress Lake facility is one of Lee County’s largest and is located at 7460 Lake Breeze Drive in Fort Myers, FL. The owner/licensee is still registered as Emeritus Corporation, however, we know that Brookdale purchased Emeritus in 2014. The controlling interest for the Brookdale Fort Myers Cypress Lake facility is Brookdale Senior Living, Inc., which is the parent company for most Brookdale facilities.

Complaints, Inspections and Survey Results for Brookdale Fort Myers Cypress Lake

11/2/17 Complaint Survey Resulting in Deficiency Citations

An unannounced complaint survey was conducted on November 2, 2017 at Brookdale Fort Myers Cypress Lake. Unfortunately, the complaints were confirmed by state inspectors and the facility was cited for an outdated 1823 form in a resident’s chart. This 1823 form confirms whether a resident is appropriate for assisted living. Additionally, the Health and Wellness Director was found to have a blank grievance log. When questioned about this, the HWD said that the Administrator keeps her files “somewhere else” and that Administrator was on vacation.

1/3/2017 Revisit Survey Found More Deficiencies

An unannounced 1/3/2017 revisit survey resulted in additional citations for the Brookdale Fort Myers Cypress Lake facility. In this survey, AHCA inspectors found the following:

  • staining on the common area carpets;
  • scuff marks and indentation on lobby walls;
  • water stains on the ceilings;
  • black growth on shower curtains and visible water damage to the building’s structure;
  • black stains on carpets;
  • carpet with raised edges, causing a trip and fall hazard; and,
  • protruding bolts and screws from cabinets.

2019 Update: A recent December 2018 inspection of Brookdale Cypress Lake reveled no deficiencies.

Brookdale Fort Myers Lakes Park

Our Attorneys Won Cases Against Brookdale Fort Myers Lakes Park for Negligence

Located at 14521 Lakewood Blvd. in Fort Myers, FL, Brookdale Fort Myers Lakes Park is a 60 bed, private pay assisted living facility. The owner/licensee is Brookdale Senior Living Communities, Inc. The controlling interest of the facility is FEBC ALT-HOLDINGS, INC.

Inspection Reports at Brookdale Fort Myers Lakes Park

January 16, 2018 Survey: Confirmed Deficiencies

Brookdale Lakes Park was recently cited in an unannounced 1/16/2018 Complaint survey. This survey was performed due to an anonymous complaint that Brookdale Fort Myers staff failed to honor Florida’s assisted living residents’ rights for a clean and decent living environment.

Specifically, Florida AHCA investigators found:

  • Carpets in 6 different resident rooms were stained and dirty.
  • Carpet in one room was dirty, not vacuumed, with walls covered in scratches and gouges.
  • A resident’s wheelchair was dirty with dust, food debris and dirt.
  • Another resident’s toilet had overflowed and the water went into her bedroom. She asked staff to clean the mess up but it had not been done.
  • Another resident’s room had an ant hill located between their bathroom and bedroom. Investigators confirmed there were “several ants crawling around the hill.”
  • Another resident’s room had a strong odor of urine and his bed sheets were wet.

July 19, 2017 Survey: Confirmed Deficiencies

A 7/19/2017 survey at Brookdale Fort Myers Lakes Park also resulted in citations for deficiencies. AHCA surveyors cited the facility for failing to provide appropriate wound care and providing treatment without the appropriate order.

2019 Update: A recent 2019 inspection revealed 0 deficiencies or citations.

Brookdale Fort Myers The Colony

Our Attorneys Can Sue Brookdale the Colony in for Alzheimer's Neglect

Brookdale Fort Myers the Colony is a smaller facility dedicated to resident’s suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia. This small, 38 bed for profit memory care facility is located at 13565 American Colony Blvd in Fort Myers, FL. The Brookdale Fort Myers memory care facility is owned by Brookdale Senior Living and the controlling interest for this facility is FEBC ALT-HOLDINGS, INC.

State Inspection Results for Brookdale Fort Myers the Colony

February 14, 2017 Unannounced LNS Survey

Last year’s Valentine’s Day inspection at Brookdale Fort Myers the Colony was not all love. The surprise 2/14/17 inspection resulted in the following shortcomings:

  • Failing to maintain correct staff documentation and certifications;
  • Failing to have Elopement Response training for 2/3rds of staff; and,
  • Failing to maintain the appropriate employee files for staff.

11/4/2015 Inspection @ Brookdale The Colony

A prior November 4, 2015 inspection resulted in citations for the below:

  • Failing to maintain medication records for residents receiving prescription drugs.

2019 Update: A 2019 inspection of Brookdale The Colony in Fort Myers revealed multiple deficiencies, including:

  • Failing to screen employees;
  • Failing to appropriately train employees, nurses and aides; and
  • Failing to ensure there was a comprehensive emergency power plan for the Fort Myers assisted living facility residents.

Brookdale College Parkway

Brookdale’s College Parkway facility, located at 8351 College Parkway Fort Myers, FL, is largely an independent living facility. For this reason, most residents do not require assistance with activities of daily living. Although our lawyers have file Florida Independent Living Facility lawsuits, these are much more uncommon than Florida Assisted Living lawsuits.

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