Heartland of Miami Lakes Sued and Fined for Nursing Home Abuse

Suing Heartland of Miami Lakes for Nursing Home Abuse

Lawsuits, State Surveys and Resident Complaints Against Heartland Miami Lakes Nursing Home

Who Owns and Operates Heartland of Miami Lakes?

Heartland Health Care Center of Miami Lakes is located at 5725 NW 186 Street in Hialeah, FL 33015. The facility lists its administrator as Teresita Garcia and is owned by Heartland – Miami Lakes of Hialeah FL, LLC. The controlling interest for Heartland of Miami Lakes is HCR III Healthcare, LLC.

Our Miami nursing home abuse lawyers are very familiar with the facility, having brought claims against the Miami Lakes Heartland nursing home. Historically, we also have brought many Heartland nursing home abuse lawsuits against the facility’s parent company, HCR III, LLC.

Board of Directors at Heartland Miami Lakes

Daniel Hill Kite, David Lanning, Elizabeth Mary Kaksur, Catherine Sue Hoops, Lynn Hood, Martin David Allen, Teresita Garcia and Thomas R. Kyle

Heartland of Miami Lakes Facility Profile

The Heartland of Miami Lakes nursing home is a for-profit 120 bed facility. There are 4 private rooms and 58 two bed rooms. The facility is currently licensed in AHCA Field office number 11 and the facility license has been current since 2017. The current daily rate of a semi private room at Heartland Miami Lakes is $440.85. It enjoys an approximate 90% occupancy rate.

Legal Actions Against Heartland of Miami Lakes

Prior Lawsuits against Heartland of Miami Lakes for Nursing Home Abuse & Wrongful Death

The following civil lawsuits were filed against the Heartland Miami Lakes nursing home for negligence:

Estate of Adlene Moorer v. Heartland-Miami Lakes of Hialeah FL, LLC

Ms. Moorer was a fall risk resident at the facility. Despite this risk factor, on September 8, 2013, Ms. Moorer fell in her bathroom at the facility. The nursing home fall resulted in a broken hip and her eventual wrongful death.

Estate of Maria C. Vidal v. Heartland of Miami Lakes

Similar to Ms. Moorer, this case against Heartland Miami Lakes involved an allegedly preventable fall. Ms. Vidal, a resident at Heartland of Miami Lakes, fell and broke her femur. It was alleged that this femur fracture contributed to her premature passing.

Roland Roberts v. Heartland Health Care Center Miami Lakes

Mr. Roberts developed nursing home bedsores while a resident at Heartland Health Care Center Miami Lakes.

Estate of Hugh Fasano v. Heartland of Miami Lakes Nursing Home

This nursing home abuse wrongful death lawsuit was filed against Heartland of Miami Lakes for Ms. Fasano’s fall and subsequent compression fracture to his spine.

State Survey Violations

There was a survey violation, case number 201-700-1708, involving a conditional license violation on August 31, 2017. There was also an $800 fine that corresponded to the survey violation.

The violation involved a deficiency during a complaint survey that was conducted on January 11, 2017. Based on the observation of the state investigators, the staff at Heartland of Miami Lakes failed to follow a physician order involving a controlled pain medication for an anonymous resident. It was observed that the resident’s medication was mismanaged resulting in a nursing home medication mistake.

Other Heartland of Miami Lakes Inspection Reports and Resident Complaints

The Heartland Miami Lakes facility received deficiency citations on August 3, 2017, January 11, 2017, November 21, 2016, April 14, 2016, July 7, 2015 and January 29, 2015.

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