The Citadel Rehab and Nursing Center at Kingsbridge Receives Poor Ratings from Government

Lawsuits vs. Citadel Rehab Nursing Home in Bronx

The Citadel Rehab and Nursing Center at Kingsbridge is a large 385 bed skilled nursing facility located in the Bronx, New York. The Citadel has received poor ratings from government inspectors and has had legal troubles in the past.

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Cases for neglect vs. Citadel at Kingsbridge in the Bronx NY

Legal Problems at The Citadel Rehab and Nursing Center at Kingsbridge

The Citadel Rehab in the Bronx has been cited by government inspectors. As of the date of this post (1/2/2020), The Citadel received a 1 star health inspection rating from Medicare, which is the lowest rating possible. The website describes the rating as ‘much below average’. In addition to this poor health inspection rating, the BX nursing home The Citadel also received a 2 star staffing rating, a 4 star quality of resident care rating, and a 1 star overall rating.

The Citadel Rehab and Nursing has also been sued in lawsuits alleging nursing home negligence. Since many of these prior lawsuits against The Citadel Kingsbridge settle in confidential monetary settlements, it is not possible to quantify the amount paid in these cases.

In 2016, it was reported that an elderly resident of the Citadel eloped from the facility.

Also in 2016, a health inspection revealed that there was a systemic problem in the facility with the use of side rails safely. 5 out of 5 sampled residents were in jeopardy of harm, due to the facility failing to ensure that there were systems in place to provide a safe environment and effectively supervise and monitor residents on the use of the side rails. After receiving the citation for unsafe use of bed rails, the nursing home remedied the problem and followed the prescribed recommendations from the State of New York health inspectors. The State of New York health inspection website now considers this facility-wide threat resolved. 

Who Owns the Citadel Rehab in the Bronx?

The Citadel Rehab and Nursing Center at Kingsbridge may be the informal name of the nursing home located at 3400 Cannon Place in the Bronx, NY, however, the legal business name of the skilled nursing facility is HIGHLAND VIEW CARE CENTER OPERATING CO., LLC. There are a number of individuals who has 5% or greater of the direct ownership of this entity, however, operation and managerial control is limited to the 50% owner. 

Red Flag Injuries Indicative of Nursing Home Neglect

Keep an eye out for these possible signs of nursing home negligence:

  • Fractures and broken bones
  • Pressure sores from being left in bed or a wheelchair
  • Falls and Unexplained injuries
  • Wrongful death
  • Medication errors
  • Failing to call 911 or a physician when a resident is critically ill

If you see something, say something. Together we can stop elder abuse by reporting suspicious incidents to the appropriate agencies and authorities.

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