Windsor Court ALF Negligence Lawsuits and State Inspections

Lawsuits and civil actions vs. Windsor Court, a West Palm Beach assisted living facility

Windsor Court is a small, 92-bed, for-profit assisted living facility located at 3700 N. Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach, FL 33407. It has been owned/licensed to Fiza Investment Inc. since 2002. Despite its relatively small size, the facility has been fined by the state for deficiencies and violations six times since 2004.

Lawsuits and Civil Actions Against Windsor Court Assisted Living in West Palm Beach

Windsor Court has most recently been sued for Florida assisted living negligence in 2017. The details of that case are below:

Richard Williams v. Fiza Investments,Inc., d/b/a Windsor Court and Rengasawmy Sewsankar

Allegations: The complaint alleges that the facility was negligent in admitting Mr. Richard Williams as he required heightened care that the facility could not provide. This inappropriate candidate allegation is common in many cases involving a high acuity resident that is admitted into an ALF, rather than a skilled nursing facility. The Complaint alleges that this Windsor Court resident suffered a fall as a result of the facility’s lack of adequate care, and fractured his left fibula.

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State Investigations, Surveys and Citations at Windsor Court Assisted Living in West Palm Beach

Read Nursing Home Inspection Reports and ViolationsTo ensure that facilities like Windsor Court comply with regulations, the Agency for Health Care Administration (“AHCA”) conducts unannounced surveys and inspections. AHCA has fined Windsor Court for a variety of deficiencies since 2004; the most recent deficiencies are listed below:

Complaint Regarding Deficiencies Dated 1/9/2019 at Windsor Court

On January 9, 2019, AHCA found that the facility had failed to provide an approved Environmental Control Plan from the county and failed to obtain an extension date by which they could obtain one.

Complaint Regarding Deficiencies Dated 4/3/2018 at Windsor Court

In another unannounced survey pursuant to a complaint, AHCA found that the facility did not report an incident concerning an altercation between a staff member and a resident, within the time frame required. Moreover, Windsor Court also did not report that a resident had filed a negligence claim against the facility as required. The administrator stated that he was not aware that he was required to report litigation claims.

Standard Statement of Deficiencies Dated 3/21/2018 at Windsor Court

AHCA found that one staff member had not received training as required. In addition, the surveyor observed that in one room, the shower bar was rusted, and rust stains were present in the bathtub itself. In another room, the entire shower bar and shower head were covered in rust. In a third room, the shower rack was rusted and the baseboard around the shower was damaged. There was water damage in one cottage and the surveyor observed baseboards near showers were peeling. One resident’s foot board on his bed was seen to be hanging half off the bed. In one room, wiring could be observed along the door frame, which was not attached to the wall, and there were multiple nails sticking out. Finally, boxes were observed to be piled up on top of each other near where residents sat on the facility patio.

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