Emerald Coast Center Lawsuits and Deficiencies

Emerald Coast Health Care Lawsuit for Wrongful Death

Background Information on Emerald Coast Center Emerald Coast Center is a 120-bed nursing home located at 114 Third St. SE in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. While the facility has 120 beds, they have a daily average of 102.6 residents in their care, which leaves an average of 17 beds available for new residents. This facility...

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How Can I Obtain a Nursing Home Incident Report?

Fall investigation detailed in Nursing Home Incident Report

Obtaining a Copy of the Nursing Home Incident Report Nursing homes are legally required to create an incident report following any serious injury or allegation of abuse. State regulations and federal guidelines via CMS, mandate that after a serious event occurs, the facility must conduct an internal investigation. Following the internal investigation, an incident report...

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ManorCare of Dunedin Lawsuits & Deficiencies

Cases against Manor Care Health Services Dunedin, FL

Background Information on ManorCare of Dunedin ManorCare of Dunedin is a 120-bed nursing home located at 870 Patricia Ave, Dunedin, FL 34698. ManorCare of Dunedin is owned by HCR III Healthcare, which is owned by ProMedica. There have been prior lawsuits against ManorCare of Dunedin as well as inspection citations and deficiencies for violations in...

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Which Hospitals in Florida Have Sovereign Immunity?

Government immune hospitals

Florida has strict sovereign immunity laws that protect certain hospitals from negligence and malpractice lawsuits. Sovereign immunity means the government owns or operates the hospital, so it is ‘immune’ from a civil lawsuit. However, litigants in Florida are not completely barred from suing a sovereign immune hospital. Instead, Section 13 of Article X of the...

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