Brookdale Willow Wood Lawsuits and Inspection Reports

Brookdale Willow Wood lawsuits and inspection reports show nursing home abuse and negligence. If you have a lawsuit against Brookdale Willow Wood, call Senior Justice law firm.

Updated 7-25-2019

About Brookdale Willow Wood

Brookdale Willow Wood is a for profit Assisted Living Facility (ALF) owned by a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) named S-H Thirty-Five Opco-Willowwood LLC.  The Brookdale Willow Wood facility has 180 beds and is located at 2855 West Commercial Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309.  Brookdale Willow Wood has a current lawsuit pending for violating Florida Statute Section 429.28 (which sets the standards for assisted living facilities) which led to the residents death along with numerous health inspection violations.

Update: This Brookdale facility has been sold to Atria. The facility is now known as Atria Willow Wood.

Lawsuits Against Brookdale Willow Wood

As discussed above, Brookdale Willow Wood is actually owned by an LLC called S-H Thirty-Five Opco-Willowwood LLC.  Therefore, lawsuits against the facility have the defendant as S-H Thirty-Five Opco-Willowwood LLC, doing business as (d/b/a) Brookdale Willow Wood.  Historically, a Plaintiff has sued Brookdale Willow Wood for negligence. In that lawsuit versus Brookdale Willow Wood, the Plaintiff alleges that the facility did not comply with the requirements of Florida Statute Section 429.28 (resident bill of rights).  The complaint alleges multiple failures to comply led to the death of Suzanne Gilleson.

Lisa Gilleson, et al v. S-H Thirty-Five Opco-Willowwood LLC, d/b/a Brookdale Willow Wood

The complaint alleges that Suzanne Gilleson (represented by her daughter Lisa Gilleson and her family) was in need of extensive care and support based upon her health condition.  Instead of referring Ms. Gilleson to a nursing home that could provide heightened nursing care and supervision, Brookdale Willow Wood accepted and kept her at their assisted living facility.  The complaint alleges that Brookdale Willow Wood did not develop an adequate care plan and did not properly monitor and supervise Ms. Gilleson in order to prevent her from suffering falls and the development of preventable ailments such as sepsis.

Sadly, the complaint alleges that Ms. Gilleson did in fact suffer a tragic fall on May 4, 2017 due to the omission of adequate care by the staff and facility at Brookdale Willow Wood.  She fractured her hip and suffered the development and deterioration of sepsis which resulted in her death on May 7, 2017.

Florida Statute Section 429.28 (resident bill of rights) provides, in part, that residents of assisted living facilities are guaranteed:

  1. a safe and decent living environment, free from abuse and neglect;
  2. access to adequate and appropriate health care consistent with established and recognized standards within the community;
  3. compliance with regulations for the operation of assisted living facilities promulgated by the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services and contained in the Florida Administrative Code;
  4. treatment with consideration and respect and with due recognition of personal dignity, individuality and the need for privacy.

By failing to implement appropriate fall precautions, failing to provide fall supervision and appropriate care and treatment, among other things, the complaint alleges that Brookdale Willow Wood is at fault for the death of Suzanne Gilleson.

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Recent Health Inspection Citations against Brookdale Willow Wood

The facility at Brookdale Willow Wood has a history of health inspection citations.  Within the past year, the facility has been cited three times.

Citation 1 – Failure to Maintain a Safe Living Environment

On December 26, 2017, the facility at Brookdale Willow Wood was cited for failing to maintain a safe living environment and failing to ensure that it was maintained free of accident hazards for all residents living in the facility.  After an unannounced inspection by state authorities, the facility was found to have multiple instances of worn down, unsafe carpet in high traffic areas where uneven surfaces posed a significant fall risk to residents.  This risk was found to be especially elevated for those using walkers or wheelchairs.

In response, director stated that the facility was due for a remodel, but said it has been put on hold and gave no timetable for completion.

Citation 2 – Failure to Update Resident Assessment after Significant Change

On August 3, 2017, a random sample of two residents was taken to investigate whether their files were accurate.  One out of two of the residents had out of date files.  That resident had a Resident Assessment (AHCA Form 1823) that suggested the resident could walk and eat independently.

Upon review, that resident was admitted to hospice and needed full assistance with ambulating, grooming, dressing, toileting and eating. When the resident was admitted to hospice, this significant change should have been noted in the Resident Assessment.  The inspection found that the resident was eating independently, and this was because the facility failed to update her file when the resident was admitted to hospice.

Citation 3 – Failure to Register and Maintain Updated List of Employees

On August 3, 2017, a random sample of 13 employees showed that seven were not adequately registered.  According to the citation, this indicated that the facility was not keeping accurate records of hirings and firings of staff at the facility.

Do You Have a Case Against Brookdale Willow Wood?

Failures to monitor residents, provide fall supervision, maintain a safe environment, and adequately train and monitor staff can result in serious injuries.

As Fort Lauderdale nursing home abuse attorneys, the lawyers at Senior Justice Law Firm have vast experience handling lawsuits against Brookdale in Broward County such as Brookdale Willow Wood. Do you believe you or a loved one suffered negligence or abuse at Brookdale Willow Wood?  Reach out to the attorneys at Senior Justice Law Firm at to see if you have a case at 1-844-253-8919.

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