Manor Care of Fort Myers: Prior Lawsuits & State Deficiency Citations

Learn More About Prior Lawsuits against Manor Care of Fort Myers

Manor Care of Fort Myers is a large, 120 bed nursing home located at 13881 Eagle Ridge Drive Fort Myers, FL 33912. The facility has had its ups and downs in the past. Manor Care Ft. Myers has faced prior citations from the State of Florida and has been sued in civil lawsuits.

Legal Licensee of Manor Care Ft. Myers

When suing a nursing home like Manor Care of Fort Myers, our nursing home abuse lawyers research the facility ownership. This is no easy task as shell companies are often used by the long term care industry to hide assets. Because our lawyers have extensive experience handling Manor Care lawsuits, we are familiar with the HCR ManorCare corporate structure.

In the case of Manor Care Fort Myers, the licensee is MANOR CARE OF FT MYERS FL, LLC.

Controlling Corporate Interests of Manor Care of Fort Myers

Manor Care of Fort Myers is also ‘controlled’ by HCR III Healthcare, LLC, which is a parent company in the ManorCare corporate structure. When pursuing a claim against a Manor Care licensee, we usually name the corporate controlling interest in the lawsuit as well.

State Inspection Results at Manor Care of Fort Myers

A November 8, 2017 inspection was performed at Manor Care of Fort Myers due to a complaint made anonymously about the care provided by the facility. The State of Florida cited Manor Care Ft. Myers for 2 deficiencies which were subsequently corrected.

A similar complaint-based inspection was made against Manor Care of Fort Myers, resulting in an inspection and citation of deficiencies. The inspection took place on 8/7/17 and the deficiencies were confirmed as corrected on 10/18/17.

Manor Care of Fort Myers was cited for deficiencies by AHCA on 11/8/17, 8/17/17, 7/5/17, 8/4/16, 9/3/15 and 11/7/14.

Prior Civil Lawsuits Against Manor Care of Fort Myers for Nursing Home Abuse and/or Wrongful Death

  • Evelyn Newman vs. Manor Care of Ft. Myers FL, LLC

  • Frances White vs. Manor Care of Fort Myers

  • Dorothy Driver vs. Manor Care Ft. Myers

  • Billy Berry vs. Manor Care of Fort Myers

Common Grounds for a Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuit

  1. Pressure ulcers and bed sores
  2. Falls resulting in broken bones
  3. Rapid weight loss, dehydration and malnutrition
  4. Failing to recognize a medical emergency, before it is too late
  5. Sudden, wrongful death

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