Consulate of West Palm Beach Cited for Patient Care Deficiencies

Abbey Delray AHCA Citations and Complaints

Consulate Health Care of West Palm Beach was recently inspected and surveyed by AHCA, Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration. The results of the 9/22/2016 unannounced state survey resulted in the Consulate of West Palm nursing home being cited for patient care deficiencies. In the 69 page state report, complaints against Consulate of West Palm Beach are summarized below.

Complaints Against Consulate of West Palm Beach Nursing Home

In their random survey of the facility, state inspectors cited Consulate of West Palm for the following violations:

F 309 – Each resident must receive from the facility the necessary care and services to attain the highest practicable physical, emotional and psychosocial well being. In a random survey of one resident’s chart, inspectors found that Consulate of West Palm Beach violated this requirement in failing to appropriately administer medication to the resident.

F 332 + 333 – Free from medication errors. The AHCA inspection revealed that this Consulate nursing home experienced medication errors at a rate of 10.7%. This is unacceptably high, according to state guidelines.

F 514 – Appropriate documentation of clinical records. 3 of the 19 sampled resident’s charts sampled revealed a failure of Consulate to accurately and completely document medication records. This incomplete documentation may be the cause of the above drug errors.

F 311 – Treatment and services to maintain activities of daily living for the residents. Complaints against this Consulate nursing home were confirmed when surveyors analyzed Resident #16 and found the resident was unshaven and unclean, and that nursing home nurses did not provide him his toothbrush or toothpaste.

F 325– Maintain nutrition status. AHCA inspectors found that Consulate failed to provide the physician ordered therapeutic diet for Resident #65 in the state survey.

F 278 – Patient assessments must be accurate and coordinated properly to ensure good care inside the nursing home. State surveyors inspected 6 resident charts and determined that 2 of the 6 residents sampled (1 out of 3) were not appropriate. Specifically, state inspectors found Resident #103 was found to require a Wander-guard, which prevents elopement (unauthorized wandering or escape attempts) from the facility.

F 248 – Activities must meed the needs and interests of the resident. Based on the survey, Consulate nursing home failed to provide appropriate activities for its residents.

F 371 – Safe food storage and sanitary food preparation.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuits Against Consulate of West Palm Beach

As West Palm nursing home abuse attorneys, using prior surveys is crucial to prove a systemic pattern of neglect inside the facility. It is unclear if any of the above violations caused serious injury to the residents of the facility. The above deficiencies were corrected later on. However, if you believe your loved one was wrongfully neglected inside any nursing home, speak with our Florida nursing home abuse lawyers today. We provide free case evaluations and are happy to speak with you to discuss your potential issues.


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