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Metro West Rehab Lawsuits, State Investigations and AHCA Citations

Our Florida Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Analyze Metro West Rehab’s Past Legal Issues

Metro West Rehabilitation is a 120 bed skilled nursing facility located at 5900 Westgate Drive Orlando, Florida. Unlike non-profit nursing homes, Metro West Rehab is in business to make money. The for-profit corporate licensee is Sovereign Healthcare of Metro West, LLC. This legal entity operates the single facility located off of Westgate Drive in Orlando. However, MetroWest Rehab is part of a much larger corporate-owned chain of nursing homes. The controlling corporate parent companies are Sovereign Healthcare of Metro West, LLC, Sovereign Healthcare Holdings LLC and Southern Healthcare Management LLC.

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Lawsuits Filed Against Metro West Rehab for Nursing Home Negligence

The following Complaints were filed in the Orange County, Florida Circuit Court against Metro West Rehab for violations of Chapter 400 Residents Rights.

The Estate of Debra Ann Dopson vs. Sovereign Healthcare of Metro West, LLC d/b/a Metro West Nursing and Rehab Center

This nursing home negligence lawsuit filed vs. Metro West Rehab alleged that Debra Ann Dopson was admitted to Metro West in 2012 and remained there until 2015. During her residency, it was alleged that Ms. Dopson suffered with decubitus ulcer (bed sores) and infections, ultimately resulting in sepsis.

Estate of Arnim Metivier vs. Metro West Nursing and Rehab Center

The Complaint against Metro West Nursing and Rehab Center alleges that Arnim Metivier was admitted to the Orlando nursing home at 87 years of age on 12-28-2012. He was admitted for rehabilitation following a right knee replacement. It is alleged that during his residency at MetroWest he developed aspiration pneumonia and pressure sores.

Legal Actions Againsts Metro West Rehab

Metro West Rehab’s official AHCA file number with the State of Florida is 74826. This facility is serviced and inspected by AHCA field office #7.

The State of Florida has initiated numerous cases against Metro Wet Rehab for alleged nursing home violations. These include the following:

2017012179 — Date initiated: 10/13/17 — Rule Variance / Waiver
2015011170 — Date initiated: 10/21/15 — Fine: $7,500
2015003364 — Date initiated: 4/3/15 — Survey Violation / Fine: $2,500
2014000179 — Date initiated: 1/8/14 — Survey Violation / Fine: $2,500
2011007646 — Date initiated: 7/15/11 — Survey Violation / Fine: $2,500

Why Does the State of Florida Fine Metro West Rehab for Violations?

The idea behind the State of Florida (AHCA) imposing monetary fines is to deter this kind of wrongdoing from happening again. The same logic follows in bringing a nursing home negligence lawsuit against MetroWest Rehab. While no amount of money will undo the harm caused to your loved one, if you sue a for-profit nursing home like MetroWest for money, one would assume MetroWest will try to prevent the mistake from happening to the next resident.

How Does MetroWest Rehab Compare to Other Florida Nursing Homes in Pressure Sores, Fall Prevention and Other Forms of Nursing Home Neglect?

Short Term Residents at Metro West Who are There for a Limited Rehabilitation Residency

The percentage of short term rehab residents at Metro West who were re-hospitalized after their nursing home admission was 24.4%. This is unfortunately higher than both the average re-admission rate for Florida facilities, and for nation-wide nursing homes. A higher percentage of re-hospitalization after a MetroWest rehab admission is not good for the facility. Additionally, 13.8% of short-stay residents had an outpatient emergency department visit. This is higher than both the Florida and national average.

1.4% of Metro West Rehab residents suffer with a pressure ulcer, also known as a bed sore. This is the reported figure, although in our experience as Florida nursing home lawyers, this number may be underreported.

0.6% of Metro West short term rehab residents experienced one or more patient falls while at the facility.

Long Term Care Quality Numbers at Metro West Rehab

0.6% of long term residents at MetroWest suffered falls and 3.5% of long-stay residents have pressure ulcers. 2.5% of long-term Metro West residents have UTI’s, also known as urinary tract infections. 1.2% of long term patients have or had catheters inserted and left in their bladder. This may be due to the fact that about half (50.4%) of long-stay MetroWest residents lose control of their bowels or bladder while at Metro West.

How Do I Know if I Have a Case Againt Metro West Rehabilitation Center?

When you get rear ended on I-4, you know automatically that you have a case against the at-fault driver. However, detecting nursing home neglect injuries is much harder to do. For one, nursing homes like Metro West house very ill people who are already suffering from pre-existing conditions. Secondly, the nursing home may try to ‘cover their tracks’ and report that an injury was due to natural causes and not due to nursing home negligence. For these reasons, if you suspect nursing home negligence, contact our law firm to investigate. The attorneys at Senior Justice Law Firm focus on nursing home abuse and neglect cases. We have decades of experience handling this very niche practice area. Our lawyers and staff can obtain medical records and have your loved one’s records reviewed by qualified experts. These experts can render opinions and determine whether your loved one’s injury was due to negligence, or due to a natural disease process.

Five Common Nursing Home Injuries Strongly Indicative of Nursing Home Negligence

1. Pressure Ulcers, bedsores, and pressure sores.
2. Reported falls.
3. Unexplained broken bones (usually due to unreported falls).
4. Dehydration, malnutrition and significant weight loss.
5. Sepsis, infections, UTI’s and unrecognized pneumonia.

I Am Not in a Position to Retain a Lawyer or Hire Experts. What Can I Do?

Luckily, our nursing home abuse law firm works exclusively on contigency fee. This means you pay us nothing up front. We cover all costs for experts and records and we only get paid if you make a recovery (settlement or verdict) in your case.

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