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The Florida nursing home abuse attorneys at Senior Justice Law Firm represent victims of elder abuse and neglect throughout St. Lucie County, including Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce, Tradition, White City and St. Lucie Village.

Florida nursing home cases are our law firm’s focus. This is all that we do.

Our Port St. Lucie nursing home abuse lawyers narrowly focus on cases against negligent nursing homes, assisted living facilities (ALF), and memory care units. Our lawyers have handled hundreds of cases against facilities on the Treasure Coast. We want to help your family after you have suffered injury or wrongful death in a St. Lucie healthcare facility. Leverage our specialization in this practice area and our passion for helping families achieve justice. Demand Senior Justice.

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Red Flags of Port Saint Lucie Nursing Home Abuse

Red Flags of Nursing Home Abuse Injuries

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5 Questions You Need to Ask When Hiring a Port St. Lucie Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

  1. Does your lawyer have experience handling nursing home abuse cases?

    This is an obvious qualification, but one that is missed by so many families. Many attorneys are ‘jack of all trades’, representing victims of car accidents, product liability, slip and falls, etc. There are only a handful of law firms in Florida that focus on cases against nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

    At Senior Justice Law Firm, you can take solace in knowing that our firm focus is on lawsuits against Florida nursing homes and ALFs.

  2. Does the attorney regularly pursue cases against nursing homes in St. Lucie County?

    Again, this may seem like a silly question if you are coming across an internet listing holding an attorney out as a Port St. Lucie nursing home lawyer. However, many large law firms spend tens of thousands on internet marketing budgets in an attempt to gather as many cases as possible. You may find the attorney you are reading about is actually located 8 counties away from St. Lucie. At Senior Justice Law Firm, we have multiple South Florida offices. While none are in Port St. Lucie or Fort Pierce, we are located just south of St. Lucie County, in Palm Beach County. Our attorneys have successfully prosecuted hundreds of cases in St. Lucie County. We are quite familiar with the St. Lucie courthouse.

  3. How does your lawyer get paid for his/her work

    Civil lawsuits seek monetary damages, so at the end of the case, money matters (even if it is not the sole motivation for filing the Port St. Lucie nursing home abuse lawsuit). Our Port St. Lucie nursing home abuse attorneys work exclusively on contingency fee. This means we only get paid if you make a recovery. If there is no case, or, we lose the case, you owe us nothing.

  4. Has the attorney ever sued this Fort Pierce area nursing home or assisted living facility?

    Prior experience against the specific nursing home or its corporate owner is also important. Contrary to what you may think, chances are, your Port St. Lucie area nursing home is corporate owned by a large chain of facilities. By routinely handling cases against these large corporate chains like Brookdale, Manor Care, Heartland, Harbor Chase, Arden Courts and Holiday, we understand how your claim will be adjusted. We also have relationships with counsel representing these facilities and are aware of how the corporate parent will participate (or not participate) in the litigation process.

    Call us today at 888-375-9998 to see if we have sued your particular Port St. Lucie or Fort Pierce facility before. The consultation is free.

  5. What kind of results can your lawyer guarantee on your St. Lucie County nursing home negligence case?

    This is a trick question. No good lawyer should promise or guarantee any results in a case. Because every case has different facts, there is no way to accurately forecast a potential Port St. Lucie nursing home abuse settlement without having thoroughly reviewed the records and evidence. Be wary of billboard lawyers promising results.

    Do not get hurt twice. Speak with our experienced Port St. Lucie nursing home abuse lawyers  to learn more about your legal rights after a serious injury inside a Fort Pierce nursing home, assisted living facility or memory care unit.

St. Lucie County’s Growing Elderly Population

St. Lucie County is home a disproportionately large senior citizen population. In recent years, both St. Lucie and Martin County have seen a large uptick in the construction of both nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Additionally, many longstanding nursing homes have come under new ownership and are now operated as new facilities. Senior services include the Council on Aging St. Lucie, Ft. Pierce Senior Center and the Department of Elder Affairs St. Lucie County.

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Port St. Lucie Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuits

The following nursing home abuse lawsuits were filed in St. Lucie County Circuit Court. While each case is different, these fact patterns give potential clients a good understanding of nursing home negligence injuries which have resulted in prior litigation.

The Estate of Carol Desantis vs. Laurel Point Care and Rehabilitation – A Fort Pierce, FL Nursing Home Negligence Case

Carol Desantis was admitted to Laurel Point Care and Rehab, located at 703 South 29th Street in Fort Pierce, on March 7, 2016. It is alleged that the resident was neglected inside Laurel Point and suffered malnutrition, dehydration and skin breakdown.

Helen Morris vs. The Gardens of Port St. Lucie and Five Star Living, Inc. – A Port St. Lucie Assisted Living Negligence Case

Helen Morris was admitted to The Gardens of Port St. Lucie, located at 1699 SE Lyngate Drive in Port St. Lucie, on November 30, 2015. The Complaint alleges that Ms. Morris suffered falls resulting in serious injury while a resident at Gardens of Port St. Lucie.

Mildred Bernard vs. Laurel Point Care and Rehabilitation – A Fort Pierce Nursing Home Abuse Case

Mildred Bernard was admitted to Laurel Point Care and Rehab, located at 703 South 29th Street in Fort Pierce, for assistance with her activities of daily living. Ms. Bernard was dependent on the nursing home staff to provide care for her wounds and infection. It is alleged that as a result of the failure to provide Ms. Bernard adequate and appropriate care, she developed severe wounds, infection and gangrene. These injuries ultimately led to an amputation due to gangrene.

The Estate of Lucila Lopez vs. Life Care Center of Port St. Lucie – A Port Saint Lucie Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit

Lucila Lopez was admitted to the Defendant facility, Life Care Center of Port St. Lucie, located at 3720 SE Jennings Road in Port St. Lucie. She was admitted into LifeCare Port St. Lucie on March 7, 2016 and remained a resident until her death on March 11, 2016, just a few days after her admission. Upon admission and at all times thereafter, Ms. Lopez had limited use of her arms, legs and was largely unable to communicate. She was also oxygen dependent. It is alleged that she was found by nursing home staff laying on top of her oxygen, unresponsive. EMS was unable to revive her and she passed away.

Estate of Helen Bachorik vs. Port St. Lucie Nursing and Restorative Care Center – A Port St. Lucie Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuit

This Port St. Lucie nursing home negligence lawsuit alleges that Ms. Bachorik suffered a preventable fall on or around March 3, 2017, which resulted in a brain bleed. It is also alleged that Ms. Bachorik passed away shortly thereafter, on April 10, 2017. The Complaint alleges the St. Lucie County Medical Examiner investigated the case and determined that Ms. Bachorik’s manner of death was not natural, but instead was accidental and due to the March 3, 2017 fall at Port St. Lucie Nursing and Restorative Care Center.

Most Nursing Homes Do Not Report or Investigate Elder Abuse Incidents Properly


*Each case is different. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome or indicate an expected outcome on your particular case. The above prior lawsuit information is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. The information is not provided in the course of an attorney-client relationship and is not intended to substitute for legal advice from an attorney. This individual case information above comes from publicly filed allegations gathered from the complaint. These cases are not the work of this law firm. The inspection results are provided from public government agency surveys. The state Department of Health conducts a survey of all nursing home facilities at least once every 15 months. The deficiencies listed on this page may have been corrected after the date of the inspection and date of publishing this material. Citations, ratings, statistics, and deficiencies are current as of the date of this post and will change later on. The inspection findings published are not complete. You may find the most up to date information at medicare.gov. This material is not endorsed by the facility noted or by any governmental agency. Speak with an attorney immediately if you believe you have a viable case against a nursing home, assisted living facility, or medical facility.

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