Brookdale Boynton Beach Cited for Poor Care

Brookdale's Boynton Assisted Living Facility Shut Down for Poor Care

Brookdale Facility Received Multiple Violations in Recent State Survey

A recent 2014 AHCA investigation resulted in Brookdale Boynton Beach Assisted Living Facility being cited for poor care. This random State investigative survey of the facility found numerous violations of Ch. 429 of the Florida Statutes, which governs Assisted Living Facility negligence in Florida. As a result, the facility was fined $4,000.

Specific Violations Committed by Brookdale Boynton Beach

State investigators cited the Brookdale facility for the following care deficiencies:

  • Providing medication that was not prescribed by a doctor (a form of a nursing home medication mistake)
  • Failing to properly administer Coumadin, a blood thinner
  • Failing to properly dispense prescription drugs to residents

Brookdale Nursing Home Abuse Law Firm

Suing Brookdale Boynton Beach For Negligence

Our Florida nursing home abuse law firm regularly handles negligence lawsuits against Brookdale. If you have questions on a potential case against Brookdale, or any other long term care facility in Florida, give us a call at 561.717.0817. The call is free and there is no obligation to pursue a case. Speak with our Boynton Beach nursing home abuse lawyers now.

Frequent Assisted Living Facility Injuries Which Result in a Lawsuit

Many family members come to our office with more questions than answers. They want to know if their family member’s injury inside a Brookdale facility warrants a lawsuit or not. Common ALF injuries our firm takes on include:

  1. Falls Resulting in Fractures
  2. Bedsores
  3. Rapid Weight Loss
  4. Unexplained Broken Bones or ‘Unwitnessed Falls’
  5. Subdural Hematoma (Brain Bleeds)
  6. Wrongful Death

If you are unsure whether you have a potential elder abuse case, speak with our experienced elder abuse lawyers today for a free case consultation.


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