Wrongful Death at Arden Courts Memory Care Leads to Facility License Revocation

Daniel Scanlan’s mysterious wrongful death inside a Bethlehem Township, PA Arden Courts Memory Care has been ruled a homicide. The 84 year old resident of the long-term care facility suffered from confusion and dementia. His death, which occurred at Arden Courts of Old Orchard in Easton, PA, was investigated for more than half a year by the Northampton County Coroner’s Office. After extensive investigation, the cause of death was “homicide”; more specifically from a subdural hematoma brain injury. The memory care lawsuit helped expose evidence of neglect.

Mr. Scanlan’s death at Arden Courts was tragic. However, the State of Pennsylvania did its part in conducting a thorough investigation which resulted in an 86 page violation, ultimately resulting in Arden Courts of Old Orchard losing its license as a personal care home.

How Did Mr. Scanlan Develop This Traumatic Brain Bleed?

Pennsylvania Assisted Living Wrongful Death at Arden Courts in BethlehemThere are still more questions than answers regarding Mr. Scanlan’s death. However, investigators have revealed that Daniel’s cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head, and that the injury may have been at the hands of another resident, days before his death. In elderly confused residents, this kind of brain injury usually comes from a fall, being dropped by a caretaker, or from a resident-on-resident attack.

The Department of Health investigated this matter and cited Arden Courts of Old Orchard for a documentation issue. The Bethlehem Township Police are also investigating the matter as it is now ruled a homicide.

The Aftermath at Arden Courts of Old Orchard

Arden Courts of Old Orchard Lost its License as a Personal Care Home

Arden Courts of Old Orchard is located at 4098 Freemasonburg Avenue in Easton, PA. In October of last year, the state of Pennsylvania revoked the license of Arden Courts of Old Orchard due to “gross incompetence” and “negligence” relating to Mr. Scanlan’s wrongful death. The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services also found “fraud and deceit” on the part of the facility.

Additionally, the Northampton County district attorney is conducting a deeper investigation as to the destruction or fabrication of Mr. Scanlan’s medical records at the facility.

In the subsequent civil lawsuit brought by Mr. Scanlan’s family, it was revealed that Mr. Scanlan was in fact pushed by another resident, causing his head injury. This injury occurred in the presence of an Arden Courts staff member who allegedly reported the incident to the facility’s executive director. It appears the E.D. did not follow up on this or report it to the state.

More Current Inspections and Information on Arden Courts of Old Orchard

The facility was re-licensed and subsequently inspected. Updated inspection and violation reports for Arden Courts of Old Orchard can be found here. There is also a waiver of 55 Pa.Code Ch. 2600, relating to personal care homes, on file with the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services.

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